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We are in the process of modernizing the FAQ section. Some answers may not be relevant to Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.0.

If your script's version is older than Quick.Cart v6.0 or Quick.Cms v5.0, go to FAQ archive ».

Title Category
Do you have tips how to modify script? Page design
How to change design in the script? Page design
I can't see the plugins list in the "Plugins" section in the administration panel Admin panel
I don't remember login or password to administration. How can I retrieve them? Admin panel
Why can't I install an plugin using the automatic installer? Admin panel
I'm not recieving emails sent via contact form, informing about placed orders etc. Bugs
Where can I find bug fixes? Bugs
Can I buy just some of the plugins? I'm not interested in all plugins or the paid version. License
Can I remove the OpenSolution.org link from the footer of website? License
Are there some limits of products, pages, images quantity added to page based on your scripts? Other
How to protect a script from attacks even better? Other
How to update Quick.Cart to the latest version? Other
How to update Quick.Cms to the latest version? Other
Will you design a website or make modifications for me? Other
How can I get a discount (e.g. if I want to buy more of your scripts)? Paid edition
How to migrate data from Quick.Cart to Quick.Cart.Ext? Paid edition
How to migrate data from Quick.Cms to Quick.Cms.Ext? Paid edition
I have a Quick.Cart.Ext or Quick.Cms.Ext edition. How can I update it, how much does it cost, what will I gain from it? Paid edition
I have a free Quick.Cart or Quick.Cms edition and i want to buy Quick.Cart.Ext or Quick.Cms.Ext. What will I gain, how much does it cost etc? Paid edition
I want to create a couple of websites. Can I use the script I bought on several sites? Paid edition
Is the paid version of the script available to download for testing? Paid edition
What kind of requirements must a server meet for Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cart.Ext to work properly? Paid edition
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