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Additional responsive skins more »
Having access to free responsive skins (for mobile devices), you will be able to complete your web design faster. The skins offer many interesting effects, which will make your design more attractive and easier to create.

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Professional support via e-mail more »
You get technical support service via e-mail within 6 months since the software is purchased. We reply within 24 hours on workdays (usually it's 3-4 hours).

Our answers usually are in form of tips, not complete solutions.
If you want to modify the script, at least the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS and sometimes PHP is necessary.
Plugin manager more »
Possibility to automatically install plugins from the administration panel.
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Warranty more »
In case an error is discovered, we make our best to fix it as fast as possible. You just need to e-mail us about it.

Our warranty is valid for 12 months, but plenty of times we've offered help even after several years since the script was purchased. You also get access to bug-fixes which are published in the script's administration panel.

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Comparison of functionalities

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Administration of pages, products and orders    
Attaching products, files and photos to pages    
Management of many languages    
Mobile and print version    
Searching in products and orders    
Ability to add individual design to every page    
Plugin manager »
Possibility to automatically install plugins from the administration panel see in demo »
Site map »
Displays the site structure of your service with links to particular pages, so you can easily reach them. It also helps search robots to index all pages from your service. see in demo »
Site map to Google »
Google Search provides you with a tool which imports list of pages from a given service and adds this service to the Google search engine catalogue. Plugin generates required XML file named "sitemap.xml", that includes a list of pages and subpages of the service. see in demo »
Backup »
Extended version of the simpleBackup plugin. The script compress the "database/" directory to a ZIP archive and stores it on the server. You can download the ZIP archive or restore the backup. see in demo »
Links to social pages »
You can add links to social websites like: Facebook, Twitter or Google. see in demo »
Image gallery »
It allows you to display images and sub-pages in a columnar arrangement. This option is particularly helpful in situations where a party has a lot of images. see in demo »
Boxes »
Plugin allows you to add information windows. An information window has a name and content (HTML code accepted). The boxes are placed below the left menu. see in demo »
Comments of pages »
Visitors will be able to add comments on sub-pages and products. Clients will also be able to vote for a given product. You can disable commenting for any selected page or for all products. see in demo »
Contact form »
Contact form allows the visitors to send emails to the address added in administration directly from the page. see in demo »
Bestsellers »
This functionality displays the best selling products list. see in demo »
Basket summary box »
The client is able to view his cart content at any moment. On this page, under the left menu, if the cart is not empty, its content is displayed in a transparent form. see in demo »
Product's features »
Plugin allows you to define product features and to describe them for each product. These data are displayed under the product description. see in demo »
Import and export functions »
Plugin allows to export products and orders to a spreadsheet and to import products from a spreadsheet, e.g. OpenOffice Calc sheet. The exported data are saved to a file with CSV extension. It is important to clear "text separators" and all other markers separating collumns in the spreadsheet during importing and exporting. Individual fields can be only separated by a dollar sign "$". see in demo »
Email send to client while changing order's status »
It informs the client about any order status change to keep the client aware of the order processing stage. see in demo »
Products cloning »
Plugin allows you to clone a products, pictures included. It is quite often that the products differ by only one parameter. Cloning will speed the database completion process. see in demo »
Discount vouchers »
Plugin allows you to create discount vouchers, which can be used in many ways (e.g. you can reward your wholesale clients with it). You can create disposable or multiple use vouchers, it can be limited to selected date and has different percent or amount of discount. see in demo »
Payment gateways »
Plugin allows to integrate different payment methods like: PayPal (credit card),,, DotPay, Przelewy24,,,, eService, see in demo »
Promoted products »
Display of "promoted products", as chosen by administrator, in the left column under menu. see in demo »
Additional delivery options »
Addon enables you to define shipping rate dependant on the package's weight. The script sums weights of all products and calculates the shipping rate accordingly. It's also possible to offer free shipping if the order price is higher than some predetermined value. see in demo »
Checking order status and order printout »
Plugin adds possiblity to check order status by clicking special prepared URL and gives possibility to print order details in back end see in demo »
Water mark on images »
Extended version of the watermarkPhotos plugin. You can add watermarks on images on your site. see in demo »
Thumbnail cropping »
Using this feature, you can crop thumbnails to a specific size ratio (you can choose it on the settings page). It will make gallery on your website look even more attractive. see in demo »
Images quick preview »
The possibility to images quick preview on the server or uploaded to the site/product. When you hover over the link appears as a thumbnail image. see in demo »
Easy custom product/page elements display »
Functions allowing for easy product/page elements display. Very useful when you want to present certain products/pages on the main page or under menu in an untypical way.
Easy way to hide some fields in admin panel »
Easy way to hide fields, changing which may cause the website to display incorrectly or even crash. Very useful to webmasters.
Dynamically generated meta descriptions »
If a page's "Meta description" field is empty, this option makes the script to generate it dynamically from the page's short or full description trimming it to 160 characters. see in demo »
Pagination for all pages lists types »
Possibility to set subpages limit displayed on one page. see in demo »
Additional field - VAT Registration Number »
While placing an order the client can fill an additional VAT Registration Number field and check "I want to recieve an invoice" box. This will allow the administrator to see if the client wants to recieve an invoice. see in demo »
Checking fixes in the script »
The script gets available bug fixes, and checks whether the script has been updated. The website owner can quickly verify if the site contains known vulnerabilities.
Friendly links/URLs »
Allows to delete page/product id from site URL. For example changes ?our-offer,3 to our-offer.html. Extended version of the seoLinks plugin.
SEO tools »
The plugin allows to set up an additional page, that will display a message if a person browsing a website visits a page that does not exist (404 error). It provides an option that allows adding to each page's/product's header (meta) a command for robots (indexers). Its most interesting function is ability to define URL addresses, from which users will be redirected to other addresses.
Users / clients (discounts) »
Plugin enables your customers to log in (login and password), assigning them to price groups and display products prices set for these groups.
Discounts depending on order amount »
Extended version of oneDiscount plugin. Gives ability to obtain a discounts to the customer automatically if the amount of the order exceeds the specified values.
Cross-selling »
Functionality of this plugin is so called cross-selling, that is displaying five most selled products along with the currently viewed.
Sliders and banners »
You will be able to add sliders or banners. It will be placed below the left menu and above the page content. Accepted images formats are: jpg, gif, png and (only for banners) swf.
Displays subpages list and images as slider »
Adds another photo type "Slider". Allows to display these photos in slider and also to display subpages list as slider (another subpages list type).
Displays selected products in a slider »
Allows to display selected products in a slider (jContent) on any selected page. You can display all selected products or only from current category.
Images list in scroll box »
Extended version of the sliderImagesList plugin. Allows to display images list in scroll (slider) box.
News »
This option enables you to display your sub-pages as "news". Sub-pages will then be displayed by date.
Tags »
Thanks to this option you can assign keywords (tags) to pages, which will allow your clients to see other pages associated with the same tags. Tags are very popular within blogs.
Advanced search engine »
Plugin allows your clients to search products in a more efficient way. It's perfect for a shop with hundreds of products. In administration panel you're able to create a supplier list and attach it to products. Additional "keywords" field enables you to define all words associated with a given product. This field will be considered during search.
Statistics »
The script allows you to browse product and page views, files downloads stats as well as the most popular phrases from the search form according to the selected time range. This tool shows most frequently ordered products and clients with most orders in a given time range.
Each page can have a pages list in RSS format (XML). This option is especially useful in with the news. Your visitors will be able to add RSS feeds.
Poll »
You can add polls/surveys to your page.
Administrators with restricted permissions »
The functionality allows to manage pages by few administrators (editors). Each can have access to only particular parts of administration panel.
Order's comment »
Administrator's order comment option will enable you to make notes to a given order and to keep them up to date. This field is visible in the administraion panel only.
New products »
Enables your clients to browse through new product list sorted by the product id.
Comparison shopping sites »
Addon allows you to present your offer in well known price comparison sites (Google Product Search), and using XML format. It's an easy way to broaden you shop's reach and get new customers.
Related products »
Thanks to plugin you can associate a product with other products (e.g. from the same cathegory, product line, additional accessories).
Recommended products »
When administrator want's to mark a product as especially recommended, the plugin will display an appropriate icon next to the product name.
Ask about product form »
A customer can send a query about a particular product via e-mail to the shop's owner.
Stock control »
This functionality allows to control your products in stock. This way the client won't be able to order more pieces of a product than there are in stock.
Ordering different products versions »
Allows your client to buy different versions/options of a product. For instance different sizes/colors of a t-shirt or shoes.
Extended version of the HTTPS plugin. Allows to turn on HTTPS for any page (not only basket and order form) from admin panel. Usefull when you are using SSL certificate.
Templates editing »
Extended version of the templateEditor plugin. Allows for quick adding, deleting and editing of templates (in the templates/ directory) and CSS styles on the back-end.
Download list »
Displaying files added to pages or products in tabular form with sorting possibility.
Drop-down top and left menu »
Drop-down menu (top and left menu).
Files manager »
Allows to manage uploaded files on server in "files/" directory
Hiding subpages »
Display and hide subpages list in admin panel. Plugin has more config options.
Additional delivery address »
Plugin add new fields in order form to especify delivery address. Possibility to export delivery address to CSV file.
Most popular products »
Extended version of the productsMostVisits plugin. Plugin displays the most popular products in left menu or under page content.
Next and previous product navigation »
Extended version of the productsNextPrev plugin. Allows to alternative products browsing in the categories or search results in which they are situated.
Random product »
Plugin displays one random product (photo, name) in left menu. Plugin has more config options.
Calculating VAT and price without VAT »
Extended version of the vatLite plugin. Displays the products net prices calculating by (product inc Vat/Tax)
Allows to display notice on page as a top layer, e.g. info about COOKIES »
Extended version of the simpleNotice plugin. Allows to display notice on page as a top layer, e.g. info about cookies or holidays break. You can fit here more text and this notice need to be close to use site.
Custom messages requiring acceptance »
Possibility to define custom messages requiring acceptance during order placement, for example consent to process personal data for marketing purposes
Custom notifications »
Presenting custom messages to your clients in their admin panel, for instance due payments, leave of absence, etc.
News box »
Displays pages as news with date sorted by date or id in left menu.
Extended news - calendar »
Functions allowing presenting news in a new form of an event calendar, defining news' publish time, etc. This functionality requires and is an extension of the news plugin
Facebook Like Box in side tab »
Displays sliding side tab with Facebook Like Box (social plugin). Advanced version of the facebookLikeBox plugin. You can configure color, position and number of fans' columns/rows
Client-side edit buttons »
Ability to go to a page or product form or even deleting the page or product when browsing the website client-side. You need to be logged in to the administration panel in the same browser. Of course you can disable this option in the configuration file.
Saving the e-mail address to the newsletter »
Users visiting website can add their email to newsletter. Plugin gives possibility to manage emails and generate list. This list can be imported into mail program to dispatch subscription. The plugin is an extended version of the newsletterLite plugin. There is an extra function including a subscription confirmation link to the sent emails.
Products images in basket »
Displays products images in basket.
Excluding products from shipping »
Extension to delivery methods. You can exclude selected products for specified supplier due to, for instance, size, which a given supplier doesn\'t handle.
Free updates (bug fixes) »
We provide software bug fixes to free and paid editions. Due to security reasons, bug fixes to paid editions are available only to those who bought such edits. Still, the scheme is similar to the free edition, which is available in download »


  • - No
  • - Installed
  • - Plugin under development
  • - Available as a free plugin (requires installation)

Comparison of improvements for webmasters

Professional support    
Extended configuration options    
Extensive documentation    
Responsive default template    
Additional responsive skins more »
Having access to free responsive skins (for mobile devices), you will be able to complete your web design faster. The skins offer many interesting effects, which will make your design more attractive and easier to create.

Browse through the list of skins »
Access to advanced tips in the documentation    
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