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Read opinions of a few webmasters who have been working with us for years. Learn first hand what are the benefits of being OpenSolution partner.

Are you a webmaster? Do you design websites? Learn more about our partnership offer » website

Remigiusz Ciupek -

We've been OpenSolution's partner for many years. We value the fact that we're a recommended partner and that we're among professionals, who provide top level services.

Being a part of their partnership program was beneficial to us in may ways which directly influenced our relationships with our clients. Substantial discounts for the software, free tips, consults and training sessions are just few of the reasons why you should use the partnership offer » website

Jarek Migoń -

Being an OpenSolution partner you get more than financial benefits such as discounts, warranties, advertisement, special offers and other OS actions that attract customers.

Being a partner gives you opportunity to be a part of something new. Building a community and relationship with your customers based on knowledge and experience provided by OpenSolution during training sessions and meetings.

This kind of cooperation allows your input in Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms development as well as first and free access to test the pre-release paid versions. website

Zbigniew Sztandera -

On December 6, 2014 I started my 10th year! of working with OpenSolution. In the internet business that's eternity. I remember the year 2005 of test and more tests of various CMS's in order to find "the one". I chose Quick.Cms. I don't regret that decision. Why did I bet on Quick.Cms instead of, for example, the trendy Wordpress? Because I respect my Customers, because I care about their websites' security, speed and easy and intuitive maintenance. In other words. Why do I get more and more customers coming to me because they're planning on moving their websites from Wordpress to Quick.Cms.Ext?

Security, speed and comfort of use are the keys to Quick.Cms.Ext's success, and my customers appreciate that. website

Sebastian Kocik -

Being an OpenSolution (OS) partner is not just the pleasure of working with qualified and professional Team. There are always some new special offers for partners, all kinds of discounts, possibility to test paid versions for demonstration purposes, as well as possibility to postpone payments until a project is ready.

It's been several years since I started working with "OS", and their practically immediate support service never failed me, I was never left alone with my "problem".

Becoming an "OS" partner means joining a group of professionals, where everyone works with each other, goes to training sessions and courses, exchanges experience. Each partner can join scripts' development and testing phase.

These are just some of the benefits, you can't also forget about the advertisement "OS" gives us by putting us on the list of partners. It's definitely worth your while to become an "OS" partner.


Robert Czyżkowski -

We've been an OpenSolution partner since 2010. Why we decided to start working together? First of all, the system is continuously developed by professionals, who care about security, new trends and technologies. And then there is tech support - a very important matter when it comes to complicated modifications. Thirdly, great contact...

At this moment I can't imagine working on other systems than OpenSolution products. website

Artur Adamski -

Having a partner status with means having professional support with implementing Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms. Our layout designs for websites combine technology and creativity smoothly because of this professional technical support.

Joining the OpenSolution partnership program will bring your offer of comprehensive website and on-line shopping cart service to a higher level. website

Grzegorz Łyczykowski -

Since we became OpenSolution's partner, we've been working together more closely. The scripts we've been using for years became much clearer, possibilities of ways to use them even greater.

The great advantage of this partnership is the immediate support, regular training meetings during which we learn more about technical aspects of Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms, direction for development of the company and the entire Internet. Knowledge, experience and support we gained through partnership with OpenSolution are a solid argument to use in building the offer for customers. website

Rafał Molenda -

We've decided to make most of our websites and online shops based on paid engines by OpenSolution. We believe their solutions are much more professional but also much easier to modify than competition's scripts. We've been working together only since 2012, but with each month we're more and more confident, that betting on "OS" was the right choice.

It is mostly because of their and other partners' involvement in developing these engines, as well as free workshops they offer. As proof that our partnership is going in the right direction, we have our satisfied customers and OpenSolution's "Gold partner" status. website

Dariusz Wójcik -

We've been working with OpenSolution for several years now. We've made dozens of websites based on their software. Working together is very good, all kinds of problem we bring to them are solved satisfactorily.

Towards us their attitude is always professional and friendly. Partnership with OpenSolution is also beneficial because of software sell commissions. website

Grzegorz Kajewski -

Our company for many years has been associated with OpenSolution. We became close partners. What OpenSolution does proves, that "you can" create in Poland exceptional tools that can successfully compete with the most popular solutions for CMS's and online shopping carts: Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart.


Stanisław Rakowski -

Working with the OpenSolution company started with free editions to try out how the system works. Very soon we switched to the "extended" versions, because the number of functions and easy management make our customers' websites more attractive.

This also makes my company more appreciated and competitive. Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cart.Ext systems are very affordable and offer much functionality, so they can handle even large and demanding websites.

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