Terms and policies for the OpenSolution.org website

§1 Preliminaries

  1. The following Terms & Policies determine rules of using the OpenSolution.org website.
  2. This Terms & Policies include rules of using the website, privacy policy and Software's license agreement.
  3. This Terms & Policies is of informative nature. Binding Terms & Policies in Polish are available here »

§2 Definitions

  1. The Website is the website available at http://opensolution.org
  2. Operator of the Website is Zdzisław Zawada the owner of the OpenSolution company located at 43-440 Goleszów, Fabryczna 23/1, Poland, VAT Number: PL 5482377466.
  3. Internet User is a person visiting the website via e.g. internet browser
  4. A User is an Internet User who has registered on the Website via registration or order form and uses the Website being registered to his/her profile.
  5. Freeware software are scripts created by the Operator available on the Website for download from the Website without charge.
  6. Paid software are scripts created by the Operator available for download from the Website upon payment.

§3 General terms / General provisions

  1. An Internet User can download from the Website both Freeware and Paid software.
  2. An Internet User can register » to the Website and become a User.
  3. A User has access to and can add posts on the discussion board », as well as add pages to the web pages catalog ».
  4. When a User places an order for the Paid software in the internet shop on the Website, once the order is completed the User gains access to additional functions of the Website including plugins available only for users who own a license for Paid software.
  5. During registration a User provides a nick that is available on the Website. Vulgar or offensive nicks will be changed by the Operator until the User provides another non vulgar and non offensive name.
  6. A User can add an image (avatar) to his/her profile which will be displayed under his/her nick on the discussion board and in the User's profile. Avatars seen by the Operator as controversial, unaesthetic or offensive will be removed if the Operator's appeal to the User to change it (to the User's email) proves to be ineffective.
  7. A User can include a text (description) to the profile. Offensive or vulgar contents will be removed if the Operator's appeal to the User to change it (to the User's email) proves to be ineffective.

§3 License for the Software

  1. There are two separate licenses for Paid and Freeware Software. An Internet User is obliged to read the license agreement for the Software he/she is going to use.
  2. The Internet Users is also obliged to read licenses for skins and plugins he or she is downloading from the Website. Licenses for different skins and plugins may differ.
  3. License information is included in the ZIP archive file of the downloaded Software, skins and plugins, in the installation information.
  4. Licenses for both Paid and Freeware Software are available at the license page »
  5. Lack of license information in locations indicated in this Terms & Policies does not mean, that the Software, plugin, skin, translation or other PHP files downloaded from the Website do not have a license. The Internet Users should contact the Operator via the contact form » to make sure about the terms of using and modifying of the downloaded files.

§4 Privacy policy

The administrator of personal data is OpenSolution Zdzisław Zawada, located at 43-440 Goleszów, Fabryczna 23/1, Poland, VAT Number: PL 5482377466.

1. Data collecting

  1. When an Internet User visits the Website, some of his/her data are collected, such as IP address, browser type, operating system name, etc. These data are used for statistics.
  2. During registration to the Website the Internet Users gives the following information: e-mail address, first and last name, nick (which will be used on the forum) and password
  3. When placing an order on the Website the Internet User gives the following information: company name, first name, last name, tax registration number, company address, phone number, e-mail address, website's address, etc.
  4. When sending a contact form or a support form the Internet User gives the following data: first name, last name, website's address, IP address, e-mail address, message content
  5. When sending a website to be added to the web page catalog the Internet User gives the following data: website's address, IP address, etc.
  6. When sending an add new topic or answer form to the forum the Internet User gives the following data: nick, IP address, message content, etc.

2. Cookies

  1. Cookies on the Website are used for:
    • storing the Internet User's information - cookies generated by the Operator - required for registration, logging in, sending orders, sending questions via contact form and visiting the Website as a registered user
    • statistical purposes - cookies generated by outside websites - Google Analytics (administrator cookies: Google Inc located in USA
  2. To keep his or her full privacy an Internet User can delete and disable cookies used on the Website by adjusting browser settings »

3. Changing personal data

  1. A User can make changes to his/her personal data as well as also change the Newsletter receiving option at your profile » page. It's not possible to change the e-mail address and nick on the Website.
  2. Data used when placing an order can not be removed since they are a part of an invoice.
  3. Automatically collected data can not be changed or removed.
  4. Removing a User's account is possible upon contacting the Operator via the contact form »

4. Using your data

  1. Internet Users' data collected by the Operator will not be sold to any third party.
  2. Data collected during registration process will be used only to enable the User to log in to the Website.
  3. Data collected during order placing are required and used to finalize the order and issue an invoice.
  4. Data collected automatically may be used to analyze Internet Users' actions on the Website. These data are collected automatically about every Internet Users.
  5. Data collected during correspondence between an Internet User and the Operator will be used only to answer the Internet User's questions.
  6. In case of Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data (Polish privacy protection government agency) inspection, Internet User's data may be made available to the authorities according to the Act on the Protection of Personal Data.
  7. In case a law is broken or the law requires it, we may share the Internet User's data with the judicial authority.

5. Personal data protection

  1. The data are stored in a database protected against unauthorized access of third parties.

§5 Final provisions

  1. All claims should be made within 7 days since a problem occurs electronically via the contact form » or by mail to the Operator's address.
  2. Any individual and additional agreements between the Operator and an Internet User must be confirmed in a written or digital form, otherwise they will be considered invalid.
  3. A claim should include the following data: first and last name of the Internet User, description of the issue based on which the claim is made. This means, among others, type of the problem and the date it occurred.
  4. All claims will be adjusted within 14 days since they are made.
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