Easy to use

Users praise our systems most of all for how easy it is to handle the administration panel, as well to manage products, orders, categories, etc. For those not so versed, we've prepared an easy to read user's manual.

Easy to use, functional, good price - these are the strongest sides of this application. - review by Łukasz Dziubański »
A perfect tool - it's easy to use, functional and has a friendly administration panel. - review by Grzegorz Górny »
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6 administration panel
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6 administration panel

Easy to order products

3 steps stand between your customer and a purchase of a product in your store! Without making them to register or take any redundant steps, which may scare a customer off.

Also in Quick.Cart.Ext » your customer will have the choice of size, color, type and other product attributes before placing an order. A customer can pay by a card (if he wishes to). A customer can also reach your offer through a price comparison services.

What we believe sets our Quick.Cart.Ext shopping cart apart from other such systems? Most of all it's that using the store client-side is extremely easy, placing an order takes essentially 2 steps, which is very important for a customer when he or she make a decision about buying a product. - review by Sławomir Sobolewski »
  • Adding a product to a cart in Quick.Cart.Ext
  • Quick.Cart.Ext order form
Additional functions

Interesting and useful plugins

Quick.Cart.Ext offers many interesting functions, which will work for both simple as well as large shops. Stock levels, payments by credit cards, export and import of products, integration with price comparison services, hire purchases, and many other features.

I highly recommend OpenSolution tools, especially the commercial ones, with which a customer can experience full benefits of the offered tools and all plugins. - review by Tomasz Pawęzka »

High Google ranking

Shops supported by Quick.Cart.Ext get very high Google ranking. The system offers a set of functions, which contribute to that, including well prepared source code, friendly links mechanism, custom and dynamical META descriptions, etc.

After two weeks of running, when I typed "custom t-shirt" in Google my little shop was first - not bad:) - review by Grzegorz Klimasa »
Performance chart

Shop's performance

Our systems are unmatched when it comes to speed! This is very significant when your shop is visited by users on a cell phone from places where cell coverage leaves much to be desired.

Recommended web design companies » will skillfully prepare a graphics design for you so that together with our system the entire website would work well and efficient. Remember that your website will also be visited by people using weak links.

Script is exceptionally fast which we believe is very important to customers visiting a store. - review by Sławomir Sobolewski »

Safety and warranty

Quick.Cart.Ext with its plugins is decidedly more secure than competitions' solutions, because we wrote all of it ourselves. This guarantees cohesion and stability. The program includes security mechanisms and a 12 month warranty, what is important when running an online business.

Why did I bet on Quick.Cart? Because I respect my clients, because I mind their websites' security, speed and simple and intuitive maintenance - review by Zbigniew Sztandera »
Logo OpenSolution

Developed for over 10 years

The program is developed by Polish programmers, for which Poland is famous for! Need proof? Over 32 000 websites runs on our software. Over five hundred websites and shops come to life every month.

For the moment there are thousands of implementations of our programs in: USA, Germany, France, India, Brazil, South Africa, Japan and Australia.

OpenSolution started up over 10 years ago and it's been developing the most popular Polish online shopping cart software. We work with many companies that deal in the same area. It allows us to include customers' needs in our programs' design.

Working with many companies

Our systems are very popular with webmasters. This allows you to choose from services offered by tens of different companies », you don't have to rely on just one!

At the moment I can't imagine working on systems other than OpenSolution products. - review by Robert Czyżkowski »
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