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Users' opinions

Quick.Cart, Quick.Cart.Ext, Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext users reviews. If you use our script and you want to write review, please visit page review form »

Palm Design, palmdesign.cz

You are right, last month we bought your product. It was done on our IT serviceman recommendation. As we decided to create new web page (e-shop) of our small company, it seemed to be good choice. Now I have to confirm, it was really good choice - to my fully satisfaction. Thanks for good work - "it helps me to change my space"

Pedro Madrid, pisosenmanzanareselreal.com

I used Quick.Cart to implement a real estate website. For design flexibility I was able to remove the shopping cart, modify the tables and include a photo gallery Jalbum. It is an excellent product that I used on several occasions. This is the first time I use the paid version and am very happy with the response of technical support.

Guido, guidoswebshop.com

For already a few years I use Quick.Cart for my websites guidoswebshop.com and onlineluierskopen.com. The main reason to chose for Quick.Cart is the easy-to-use admin and the database type (no SQL). So you don't have problems with installing a database. And when you have a question, just visit the support pages to find the answer you need. Almost everything I need is already within the free version of Quick.Cart. Only the contactform wasn't. Fortunately OpenSolution told me that I can use my own script. I have recommended Quick.Cart to several relatives and now they are using it as well. So thank you for providing us with easy-to-use software like Quick.Cart!

Thomas P., bridgemielec.pl

OpenSolution scripts I use for making websites are very intiuitive in use, have a clear code and easiness of modifications what allows simple and quick building sites designed for private user, small and medium businesses. Basing on Quick.Cms.Lite it's possible to build a news portal, with some restrictions, though. The Ext version may prove just enough for many. The composure of tools allows elastic naviagtion in terms of graphics and subpages tweaking what lifts the scripts' attractiveness.

Excellent support presented on the OpenSolution website in the Help and Community section: specification, manual and especially forum is a knowledge mine which can't be omitted and not admired. The price of the tools is very convenient, not mentioning the available basic free versions. I sincerely recommend using the fantastic OpenSolution tools and I appreciate and congratulate the OpenSolution team.

Barbara G., xerosox.pl

For us Quick.Cart is a simple but at the same time rich and convenient programme It may serve not only as a web-shop, but also as company's emblem. Before making up our minds which web-shop to choose, we tested many others, but in our opinion Quick.Cart is the perfect tool to keep a brand web-shop. It has got all features every web-shop should have. This CMS' big advantage is the fact it doesn't require a SQL database. But – why write this much if you can download and test it yourself anytime.

As for cooperation with OpenSolution, it depends of the day. But I must admit their help is very fast and professional. It's pure pleasure.

Stas L., maamario.com

A couple of years ago I was looking for lightweight CMS, that will help me to build custom website with attention to simplicity (without digging in to MySql queries and fight with server slowness). After hard work of trying to install/uninstall dozens of different systems, i have found it: Quick.Cms. A peace of "handy coded joy", with all benefits that i have looked for, in one CMS!

Now, after two years I am running excellent and successful website with this soft, approved by users behaviors and search engines results:

  1. Quick.Cms is my favorite choice for my websites - simple, quick and very stable.
  2. The system has good SEO benefits
  3. Requires very low server resources (fast loading)
  4. I am in love with the admin panel :)

Keep doing excellent soft and share it with the world!

Cezary S., vivivi.pl

Since a while I work with OpenSolution solutions. Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart are perfect tools which are distinguished by their simplicity, functionality and administrator's panel conveniency. Another merit favoring this company's products is their relatively low price and technical support for paid versions. I'm grateful to the team for a friendly worktool.

Jarek K., sklep.syropy.eu

I started getting to know Quick.Cart on versions beginning with "1.". I tested free versions then and already they were indicating it's a mature product. When the necessity of starting up a web-shop appeared, I decided to use this software without hesitation. As the free version was not enough for my shop's needs, I decided to use the paid one. Amount of extra features offered by the paid versions surprised me very positively. Simplicity of configuration despite very complex abilities of the system is it's biggest advantage. Not to be understimated is it's very good web support – manuals, FAQ (which I must confess I used most commonly) as well as the direct contact with OpenSolution employees.

Recapitulating – price/quality ratio of Quick.Cart is impossible to subdue.

Arthur A., projektgraficzny.com

OpenSolution Tools is a fantastic offer from programmers for designers, who want to expand their services with creating CMS and e-commerce web-sites. The pattern's transparency and simplicity of modifications results in pure pleasure of designing. Administrative tool packages to choose from and intiuitive handling means customers' satisfaction.

Michael K., InQubator.pl

I've used Quick.Cms engine earlier on by creatin my own page www.InQbator.pl and I was satisfied with it. All options I looked for were easily accessible. Now on for the needs of my new project I have bought Quick.Cms.Ext version and exceeded all of my expectations. Flexibility and tweakability are unlimited. Highly recommended.

Which shopping cart?, whichshoppingcart.com

Quick.Cart is a very good script for your Internet shopping site with not that many products if you don't need all the fireworks. It's one of the easies to use scripts available on the internet. More »

Marcel W., rollatorshop.nl

I'm very pleased with Quick.Cart, it's easy to modify and the backend is very userfriendly. The response when i had questions was very fast and you came up with good solutions.

Arthur S., tlumikisportowe.com

After spending many hours on finding a fine webshop script we ran into OpenSolution.org website and we can't regret it. After testing the free trial webshop and comparing the full version to competitive products we lost all of our doubts. Quick.Cart.Ext is a webshop which includes all the necessary attributes: easiness of operation thanks to the simple menu, a transparent code helpful for visiual modifications, a fantastic price and great technical support - which always proves as priceless. For these reasons I sincerely recommend OpenSolution developments as fully worken out and amazing tools which every administrator will get on with.

Grzegorz R., ustalenie.ojcostwa.com

For a long time we were looking for a good, elastic and professional solution for content management system for websites. On the basis of it we wanted to offer our clients easily managebale sites. Why did we choose Quick.Cms? A professional, search engine-friendly code, simplicity of installation, convenient visual modifications of the site, possibility of implementing own solutions/add-ons and a commendable price. Also an important fact is that the software is constantly developed and it's new versions keep on emerging. We are looking forward for a longer cooperation with the OpenSolution Team. Sincerely recommended.

Sławomir Sobolewski, drukowanieulotek.pl

During the search for a good alternative for already existing on-line retail systems we found the Quick.Cart webshop created by OpenSolution Team. Before purchasing the licensed verison we were testing the trial one, which emerged to be an excellent substitute for the systems we used before. Above all we were suprised by the sheer speed of the webiste for the administrator as well as for the customer. The tool is extremely quick what, as we are concerned, has a fundamental impact on customer's satisfaction. Besides the speed advantage, it's a great tool for data saving skipping traditional mySql databases. During implementation of the shop OpenSolution proved to be ready to help with custom webshop modifications. What in our opinion distinguishes the Quick.Cart shop from other solutions.

Most of all it's the simplicity of operating the site from the customer's point of view. An order can be accomplished frankly in two steps, what is very important at the moment of making the decision of purchase. Very broad possibilities of product presentation and category building for the administrator are also a great advantage as well as the solutions allowing actually to view every single subpage in a different scheme. A webshop developed this way wont become one of many, it becomes the only one of it's kind. We sincerelly recommend to use the developments proposed by OpenSolution and wish all the sucess in further creation of on-line seller/buyer friendly tools.

Rainbow Software, alternativ-guiden.dk

Rainbow Software has implemented Quick.Cart.Pro for our standard software shop and Quick.Cms.Ext for our alternative treatments portal. Both systems are very userfriendly for both users and administrators. Also installing the systems is very easy, and most important of all OpenSolution gives an outstanding support. Even requests for additional features are handled fast and affordable. This is the perfect CMS system for smaller companies, looking for a fast, reliable and easy-to-use CMS system at low cost.

Slavik P., psgrafika.sk

I was looking for editorial system for presentation of products and as I´ve had an opportunity to try demo version on website of OpenSolution, I tried Quick.Cms, and I was satisfied. Quick.Cms is simple, easy manageable system, so webpage is ready within few minutes using this system. Quick.Cms is excellent editorial system for quick publication and presentation of products. The work in menu is very comfortable, comprendious, easy, simple and friendly. Quick.Cart is excelent, too. You are able to create internet shop (e-shop) in very short time.

Gareth W., lille-cricket.org

As the Secretary and webmaster of a recently established cricket club in the north of France, I needed a content management tool that was flexible, light-weight, easy to install and easy to use for people with little or no knowledge of content management systems. Quick.Cms offers all of these features. We began with the Lite version and, after a couple of weeks, were so satisfied with the tool that we upgraded to the paid version. We've been using the script more or less "as-is" and are more than satisfied with it. This script is great value for money! Keep up the good work, guys!

Ron de Laat, yourconcept.nl

I'm using Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms for a few years, very nice script and plugins, you can get the most out of it and my costumers are very pleased. The template system and configure of both systems are easy to use! Also the results at Google are very good!

Really a great job guys!

Which CMS to choose?, whichcmstochoose.com

Quick.Cms is a perfect choice when you're planning on making a simple website. It's one of the easiest to use among solutions available on the internet. It requires some knowledge of HTML and CSS to set the page design, since there are not many templates to choose from. When it comes to modifying functionalities, some understanding of PHP language is also necessary. As a consolation, in this script you get a very minimalistic PHP and HTML code, what makes modifications quite straightforward. It is extremely efficient, as long as your website doesn't have hundreds of subpages. For more demanding programmers there's the paid edition or other scripts. More »

Wilfred H., frisser.nl

I'm a very happy customer! My latest projects use the Quick.Cms.Ext software and I'm very pleased with it. First (and most important) thing is that my customers are very happy with the simplicity of managing their pages without reading any manuals. Second reason i like Quick.Cms is that it's a pleasure to work with the template system and if you need a modification it's not that difficult to make.

The friendly people (geniuses) from OpenSolution have also made some custom made modifications for Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart for my customers. Great work!!

onRockDesign, onrock.eu

Quick.Cms is very good product, not only for its clean (x)html/css code, but also for easy custom templates making. It's easy to modificate inner structure of CMS system, and made some SEO improvements, when it's needed. Also comunication with support centre is great, people there are correct and ready to help. It's only small limit for huge webpages is no support for MySQL database, and maybe not implemented update modul of Quick.Cms / Quick.Cart script. I reccomend this product not only for small companies. It's value for money is very nice.

Bartłomiej T., odziezowyszok.pl

Quick.Cart.Ext is a tool even for beginners. It's admin panel is very clear, naviagtion is intuitive and doesn't require specialistic knwoledge. The manual is trasparent and the answers for questions at help center virtually exhaust the topics not mentioned in the manual. I recommend Quick.Cart.Ext for everyone starting a new web buisness.

And how is the cooperation with OpenSolution going? Excellent! It's a customer-oriented company, not profit-oriented like many other businesses on the market. When I bought two products I was offered a third one with a discount, what eventually brought the price lowee than for two products alone. Profits only. Very good email contact, customer service on the highest level.

Adam Z., vinylart.pl

I'm satisfied with the functionality and simplicity of modifiacting Quick.Cart.Ext tool. It is much cheaper than many other webshops I've been using, and at the same time isn't inferior to them. I would say it's better in many point and more elastic.

A. Nurkkala, asuntovaunuvuokraus.com

Quick CMS is very well google optimized. This is the most valuable part of this product. Other good things are lightweight and reliable code, ability to modify pages easily, low cost and many others. This product is a very good choice for small companies. I wish success to your company

Jaký CMS zvolit?, jakycmszvolit.cz

Quick.Cms je velmi dobrý skript pro vytvoření jednoduchého webu. Jedná se o uživatelsky jedno z nejjednodušších řešení dostupných na trhu. Pro vytvoření vzhledu webu je nutná určitá znalost jazyků HTML a CSS, protože neposkytuje příliš mnoho šablon. Základy PHP jazyka se také hodí, když je potřeba upravovat funkcionality. Potěšující je, že skript má minimalistický kód PHP a HTML, což významně usnadňuje jeho úpravy. Je neuvěřitelně výkonný v případě, že na něm neběží několik stovek podstránek. More »

Paul T., beztroski.com.pl

A year of testing the free version of Quick.Cms led me to following conclusions:

  1. the script is genuinely simple from the administrator's panel point of view and the code is very legible, so even a layman can switch a banner or graphics by himself
  2. the script is very "light-weight" for the server it is based, as well as for the web browsers
  3. it opens up fast and easy, and that's the point
  4. it doesn't produce any problems for web crawlers – brought-in web pages are quickly found in search engines – what is essential for web business.

Please mark I'm not a professional, and these opinions are subjective.

After a year I decided it's worth buying Ext, the most complex version, which features noticeably increase abilities to control your business, analyze effectiveness of marketing campaign and binding related products. It's only the second month I work with it, but already I know it was worth it.

Dariusz L., www.dl.net.pl

First time I got familiar with Quick.Cms system was the 0.3 version. Already then it appeared very good, friendly and complied most of my expectations. Then came version 1.0 of which I had high expectations because (as it seemed for me then) it couldn't be any better. But it was. Version 2.0 came out and. sheer happiness had no end. Upright to Quick.Cms I worked with Quick.Cart and I can without undoubtedly recommend both systems in both free and paid versions.

Collaboration with OpenSolution is second to none, all problems are being solved and questions are not left without an answer. OpenSolution bases on reliability and quick contact. OpenSolution products are fully tweakable, transparent, clear and most of all are made "for the users" :)


Quick.Cms is clean and light CMS that is eay to use and customize. Except a great CMS itself you can also find good technical information and support itself therefore you can quickly and painlessly build up a custom websites. I would recomend it not only for small companies, but for a big portals and complex projects as well.

Konrad R., czekoladoweinspiracje.pl

We use Quick.Cart since a short period of time but from the very beginning we thought it's going to be a great shop. We didn't want to invest into buying a shop, we downloaded the free version. It proved to be so good we decided to put money in it. Now we have the paid version, automatic payments (integrated in the web-shop, of course). We based the whole shop on our graphics and adapted it to the page without a problem. The best thing is we have the full possibility to change whatever we want, full code access what enables to adjust it easily, we can create new solutions which may prove useful only for us. One word: recommended!


Overall I am very pleased with Quick.Cms product and also with Open Source as a company. I have Quick.Cms in operation on two of my companies websites www.pvcbuildingsupplies.com and www.sovereignbathrooms.com (free versions). Most importantly the admin interface is easy to use, not overloaded like many others which helps to get information onto the site and makes administering it very easy. Dealing with OpenSolution has been great

Daniel D., poprostu.info.pl

Quick.Cms system is the system I was looking for - clear and functional. A great advantage of the system is a very intuitional administrative panel. I use this system, inter alia, to run a newspaper website. The simplicity of the site's management can be proved by the fact that it is updated not only by the office IT experts but also by journalists who don't have much to do with computer sciences. They get on easily with CMS. Utmost important is the developer's support, their advisors always provide professional backup. You can keep on writing about the system's merits but I'll do it briefly - it's a system worth recommendation for the webmaster beginners as well as for the intermediates.

DDC media, drukuje.eu

The OpenSolutiom Team deserves a special recognition - they are a group of excellent experts who easily comprehend thousands of lines of code which stand for the webshop's performance. If you are aware of what are you looking for and what do you demand of the script, but you get stuck with some issues - the OpenSolution programmers will prompt you the best way out in a accurate, precise and efficent way. We run a Quick.Cart-based webshop since a year. We are full of acknowledgement for the programistic and utilization potential carried by the product. It's most distinctive attributes are: lightness, intuitiveness, easiness of adaptation to the needs of the admnistrator and the customers. A valubale note: all our own code modifications may not always be possible to be transferred to the higher versions of the product. It is reasonable to rethink if the modifications are necessary.

Ricard Lozano

I would like to thank you as well for developing this fantastic product. Quick.Cms is one of the easiest and fastest CMSs I have tried so far. And I have tried many. Kudos for the whole team.

Otto, auroralahja.fi

Aurora Productions has used OpenSolution Quick.Cart for over 4 years now. Aurora Productions is better know as Aurora lahja in Finland. Aurora lahja designs, makes and markets its own brands of Finnish handicrafts - Auroralaukku bags and Polykoru jewels. The products are sold on handicraft fairs and own internet shop. The Quick.Cart is easy and fast to use - its the best solution for us.

David Hoare

I have used Quick.Cms on a few occasions and have been very impressed with the results. Purchasing the script was very easy, not knowing too much about websites I did run into a few problems which was quickly resolved after contacting the company for help. I would certainly recommend Quick.Cms as it has worked really well for me and is easy to administer.


Quick.Cart is probably the smallest, simplistic cart. No bells and whistles, however it can be greatly customized into any site quite easily. There are many websites they show using it on their sample sites page, and none of them look alike. Great for someone who wants to sell simple items without the frills of the full ecommerce power.


Its one the best software... its easy and friendly to use.

E Brown

The OpenSolution's Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart have proved to be the perfect solution for a few of my clients. I never thought a flat file system with so much flexibility could exist. Any extra features/development I requested were added quickly and efficiently at incredibly reasonable prices. The quickest and easiest CMS I have ever used!

Elrond MacArthur

I am a big fan the opensoultion.org Quick.Cart package. It has being reliable and fault free for me, it's a no fuss package that works great I would also like to thank the team at opensolution.org for offering professional and friendly advice and service. Were very capable of supplying a modified version of there Quick.Cart package.

Payment was made via Allpay.pl and with no problems and the response was and download was very quick. They were also quick to respond and write some additions for the Quick.Cart package. While we are only running this package on one site. I would have no hesitation in using this package again in any other web site application.


I came in contact with OpenSolution via a friend of mine, a few monts ago. He used Quick.Cart and told me that is very cool and easy to use. I checked the website and downloaded Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms (free versions). I made some testsites but never really uploaded them. But my friend was right about the fact that the products of OpenSolution really kick ass.

Now I'm more into the webdesign and stuff again so I came back to OpenSolution.org website. I bought the Quick.Cms extended version (44 euro) and it's really worth the money. It has many extra features compared to the free version, what makes it even a greater product.

I did the payment via allpay-system and within 1 day after payment I got the download link from OpenSolution. So that's very fast. The payment was secure (via creditcard) and you can trust the OpenSolution-team!

Christian Aronsson

OpenSolution deliver their easy-to-use, small and nifty Quick.Cms.Ext in a fast and secure manor - ready for use with most webhosting services. Based on a flat file database it is a convenient choice for all of you that need a CMS and not having to setup complicated server environments.


I have use this script (the free version) for many years before giving a try to the EXT version of Quick.Cms and both are wonderful! When we have large websites or simply "out of sql bases" sites it's very useful to still have a development tool like this one. The Quick.Cms.Ext version is so fully equipped a person can build easily a complete website with this CMS and add photo and text and much more. You can customize easily everything color of the pages layout logo and they have added a "gallery feature" and a poll system. From the admin section we have the great surprise to see the very good job of OpenSolution.org. We can upload any banner and keep them in reserve and we can also add a url to any banner.

It's devinitively a MUST HAVE for any webmaster. Some can use it also for the "about us" section in their site and then this section is on a very good position for further developments! Peoples from OpenSolution.org are very open and always ready to give info if you have trouble to understand something about Quick.Cms, but I don't think it can happened because it's a very easy script to work with.


OS Commerce ... it takes 3 x more time to configure the payment options you definetly will not use as to configure the one you want ... This is really a great job


Quick.Cart is good choice for almost every shop where you don't need advanced functions. Easy setup, flat file database, simple customization of templates and very fast work makes this script really useful.


I've been looking for a good, affordable and customizeable shopping cart for quite some time. This cart is among the best for it's ease of use. I setup my shopping cart in less than an hour with both the products and categories I wanted. One draw back was that I had to fix some of the grammer in the english language file. However, this was not a major problem and considering that this program was free I did not mind. I will definately donating towards this great cart. Thanks again.


I just wanna give all my credits to the developteam of Quick.Cart, sucha easy product as well as for the customer as for the admin who runs it. Im a php rookie but i downloaded it, uploaded it to my testserver and everything went absolutley perfect in no time at all =)

Paul Frankowski, author of the book: "How fast and simple to create website"

Quick.Cms is very easy but also excellent functional content management system, perfect for beginners. The script is based on templates system - it means that PHP and HTML code are separated, so it is easy to change design without integration in functionality. With basic CSS knowledge it is possible to create new template for your site.

Jaap & Nataly Heijnekamp, trouwdecoratie.nl

OpenSolution is a great solution for your shopping cart, without the need of knowledge about databases etc. The possiblities of this software are great, mentioning for example the free version. A great way to give it a try, if you are convinced, and you'll be, there are more options to buy. This extra options gives your shop the boost it needs, like friendly links and a sitemap. In our business it isn't needed anymore to wait for somebody to change add or remove a product in the shop, everybody is able to work with Quick.Cart. And if by accident you do have some problem with installation or changing something, our experience is that their response is always fast helpfull and reliable. Our business was trying a lot of e-commerce solutions like OSCommerce, LogiVert (dutch), Zen Cart and some others. We lost time and money finding out the best solution. You can start with Quick.Cart today.


We've chosen it because compared with other available programs it is very easy to install and manage. More »
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