8 times yes to our CMS's!

Learn the technical reasons, which will make it clear why our CMS's are better than others. Beginning webmasters and experienced ad agencies both work with us!

Easy to manage through administration panel

Teaching a customer how to handle the administration panel is a matter of minutes, not hours. No more long phone conversations with your customers about problems such as: how to add an image to the website!

Once it took me a few minutes on a phone to explain a customer how to use the admin panel and he said it's child's play! - review by Grzegorz Górny »
My customers are very happy with how clear the admin panel is. - review by Cezary Szydłowski »
The script extremely easy to use on the administration panel end. - review by Paweł Turowski »
  • Quick.Cms.Ext v6 administration panel
  • Quick.Cms.Ext v6 administrations panel

Save time when implementing graphics design

With our system you will run the website several times faster than with Joomla! To implement graphics design you will only need to edit 2 to 4 files (CSS and PHP). Installation and configuration of plugins in Quick.Cms.Ext takes only several minutes.

Implementing any graphics design is easy. - review by Jarosław Migoń »
Before I decided to use this CMS I analyzed several of the most popular free CMS's and some paid ones. I review other CMS's I come across, but I still go back to buy more of these from OpenSolution. - review by Marek Kucia »
I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to modify Quick.Cms.Ext to your own needs and desired graphics. - review by Jakub Ciesiołka »
Number of files and directories in Quick.Cms, Joomla!, WordPress and Drupal

Implementations big and small

Our CMS, especially Quick.Cms.Ext, offers a very large range of possibilities. You can create simple as well as big websites. We have strong proof!

A great proposition for those, who offer not only small websites, but who are also looking for tools that are fast, stable, easy to modify and most of all safe. - review by Jarosław Migoń »

It's clear that our system works great for small websites. Below we give 2 of many examples, which show, that large websites have been running on our systems for years!

Peace even with a large number of visits on your website

No more emails from the server guys about to heavy server load! It's all good with Joomla! or WordPress websites as long as traffic on them is light, but when this changes...

When you look through server load statistics on Quick.Cms websites it's 0% or 0,1% :) A WordPress website with similar load always has 1-2%. - review by Krzysztof Wójcik »
For 6 months I've had my website run on Quick.Cms.Ext and, knock on wood, for the first time no signals from my admin that something overloads the server. - review from whichcmstochoose.com »
Our systems\' performance

We are like a safe haven during the stormy days

Both the system and the plugins were written by the same authors. This means the system is consistent and secure. PHP and JavaScript code are mere 5-10% of what Joomla! or WordPress comprise of.

At one point I jumped to Quick.Cms after a dozen WordPress websites were hacked and virused. WordPress is terribly leaky, especially its plugins. - review from whichcmstochoose.com »

When you design a website on other systems, you're doomed to constant updates, including updates of plugins! Answer yourself these 3 questions: Will a customer pay for continuous maintenance? Who is going to repair the website after a hack? Who's image is going to suffer?

Why did I bet on Quick.Cms and not on, for example, trendy WordPress? Because I respect my clients, because I mind their websites' security, speed and simple and intuitive maintenance - review by Zbigniew Sztandera »
List of security holes
List of security holes in WordPress and its plugins. Screenshot from www.osvdb.org

Programmer and web developer friendly

Due to small amount of PHP code and its clarity, our systems are safe and easy to handle. SQLite database allows for fast and easy access to the data, and the database manager lets you manage the data easily outside the administration panel.

They're very flexible and easy to modify, which makes it possible to create practically any graphic design and customize the software to customer's needs. - review by Bożenna Hołownia »

Our system has 5 external libraries. For WordPress it's over 30, including one which code is larger than the entire Quick.Cms.Ext code including graphics and database. Joomla! is even more extensive. This makes the cost of modifications made on our system many times lower!

  • Database manager screenshot
  • Holes in the GetID3 library

Huge documentation and discussion board

The system is very easy to use. Because we know your customers' time is precious and we care about their satisfaction, we've prepared the manual », which explains administration panel's management step by step.

In the manual a webmaster can find plenty of tips. Not many systems around the world can boast of such well written technical documentation.

Where to start? As always, from documentation, which is very comprehensive - review by Zbigniew Sztandera
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Partnership program

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