Manual for Quick.Cart.Ext v6.6 and v6.7

List of sections

This manual is dedicated to Quick.Cart.Ext v6.6 and v6.7, at the moment no manual for Quick.Cms v6.6 and v6.7 is available. If you're using an older version, go to the Quick.Cart » or Quick.Cart.Ext » manual.

At the beginning:

Script's modification: Sections available for logged in users only.

Advanced information: Sections available for logged in users only.

  • Files and directories structure - description and use of all the most important files and directories.
  • Templates * - list of files that include the “view” layer.
  • Database ** - information about files that store data from pages.
  • Functions ** - basic principles of how functions work.

Required skills:

* - basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

** - basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP

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