Easy to manage administration panel

This definitely sets our systems apart. Their intuitive and easy to manage. Most users need about 30 minutes to get the handle on basic functions of the administration panel, which is used to put products with images and descriptions in the store as well as manage orders.

The administration panel is clear, moving around it is intuitive and doesn't require any expertise - review by Bartłomiej Tarnowski »
It's extremely easy to use on the administration panel end. - review by Paweł Turowski »
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6 administration panel
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6 administration panel

Easy to navigate and place orders

3 steps stand between a customer and a purchase of a product in your store. Adding a product to a cart, submitting address data and clicking the "send order" button. Your customer is our priority, so browsing and ordering products must be fast and simple! Without making them to register or hopping through many loops before sending an order.

The shop I use has many benefits, such as: customer friendly interface, no necessity to register when placing an order, as well as simple and handy administration - review by Daniel Karpiński »
  • Adding a product to a cart in Quick.Cart.Ext
  • Quick.Cart.Ext order form

Good Google results

Our programs are customized for the Google Search. High Google result guarantees winning potential customers. Quick.Cart.Ext », which is a richer version of the free Quick.Cart, include mechanisms allowing for even better Google position.

What more was an argument which finally assured me I made the right decision purchasing this solution is the fact that you can quickly and easily position a website using keywords you choose. - review by Jakub Ciesiołka »
After two weeks of running, when I typed "custom t-shirt" in Google my little shop was first - not bad:) - review by Grzegorz Klimasa »
It positions very well. - review by Maciej Schabowski »
Performance chart

Incredible speed

In this respect there's no competition for us. There isn't any other shopping cart software in the world, which would provide the same capabilities at this speed. There still are plenty places where bad connections or bad phone coverage are standard.

Quick.Cart.Ext » is much slower than Quick.Cart, but it's much better suited for Google and has many useful features.

A well developed graphics design + our program guarantee speed and reliability.

The script is extremely fast which we believe is very important for customers visiting a store. - review by Sławomir Sobolewski »

Safety and stability

We've been developing our systems for over 10 years and there are over 32 000 websites using them! When we celebrated a thousandth implementation of our system, some of our competitors were just beginning to think about creating their own systems.

All plugins and functions were written by the same authors. This means, that for years our systems have been recognized as dependable and secure. Quick.Cart.Ext » is equipped with safety mechanisms and in the hands of a trained webmaster the shop can be considered an impregnable fortress!

After many "struggles" with Joomla and WordPress I finally found easy to use and most of all secure system. - one of the reviews from whichcmstochoose.com
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Quick.Cart and Quick.Cart.Ext

There are two editions of the program. The free Quick.Cart was designed for creating very simple online shops with little requirements. It's also often used as test versions before purchasing of the paid edition Quick.Cart.Ext.

All functions and plugins are written by the same authors, which is extremely important for keeping the administration panel easy to manage. Quick.Cart.Ext » provides a set of mechanisms, which when coupled with good webmaster's skills will make your shop generate revenue.

Technical support

We work with many companies, which provide web design services » on our systems only. Some of the companies have been working with us for more than 10 years and they are still satisfied. With us you will find extensive documentation, discussion board and help through many channels.

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