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We are in the process of modernizing the FAQ section. Some answers may not be relevant to Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.0.

Back to FAQ for lastest versions of Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms.

Title Category
Change top banner (background of logo) Page design
Changing design of Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms Page design
Changing design of all page on particular subpage Page design
Changing middle part of the site on particular subpage Page design
Different top banner (background under logo) for particular page Page design
How can I put flag images and connect them with changing language links? Page design
How to add next menu? Page design
How to add own logo? Page design
How to change width of left column? Page design
How to display order value together with basket link? Page design
How to hide displaying of subpages in the left menu? Page design
How to increase size limit of uploading photos? Page design
How can I change displaying of price? General tip. Products
How to add new product field? Products
How to display product availability by icon not by text? Products
How to get rid of decimal price? Products
I want to display products from subcategories also in parent page. How can I make it? Products
I want to give possibility to my clients to set quantity of ordered product also in product list. How can I make it? Products
I can't add products to basket Basket and orders
I don't recevie data from comments-field how can I change it? Basket and orders
How to send information about new order to more than one email address? Admin panel
How to set tabs in page details and product details pages hidden by default? Admin panel
I don't remember login or password to administration. How can I retrieve them? Admin panel
Error 404: Not Found - page wasn't found Bugs
Error 500 : Internal server error Bugs
Error 500 : Internal server error - after send order Bugs
I can't add new or save already existing pages/products Bugs
Short description doesn't display in Firefox 11 Bugs
Where i will find bug fixes? Bugs
Can I remove link "powered by ..." from footer? License
Can I use your paid scripts for few websites? License
Can you send me trial version to check your paid scripts on my server? License
How can I upgrade script which is already working to paid version? License
I have site built on Your free version of script. When I buy paid version of script is there a chance to copy design and data from myold script to new one? License
I want to buy more of your scripts. Can I receive some discount? License
Is it possible to buy only some plugins, not entire script? License
Is there guarantee for paid scripts? License
Are there some limits of products or subpages quantity added to page based on your scripts? Other
Google is indexing PHP Sessions Other
How to add new page field? Other
How to add other sizes of thumbnails? Other
How to check GD library availability? Other
How to check PHP version of my server? Other
How to check my version of Quick.Cart/Quick.Cms? Other
How to easily modify Quick.Cart or Quick.Cms for working "offline" Other
How to execute PHP code in templates? Other
How to protect a script from attacks even better? Other
How to store sessions in shop directory? Other
I want customize my site. Can You help me? Other
I want to change design of my site. Can You help me? Other
Links don't work on my site - I can see only home page Other
Simple pages visits counter Other
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