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We are in the process of modernizing the FAQ section. Some answers may not be relevant to Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.0.

Can I buy just some of the plugins? I'm not interested in all plugins or the paid version.

To be able to access plugins made for Quick.Cms.Ext or Quick.Cart.Ext, you need to buy the script. There are several reasons we don't sell individual plugins:
  1. The law requires us to grant warranty which includes compatibility guarantee of this plugin with any other paid plugin. It's impossible to do, because we're not able to even test all plugins in all juxtapositions, let alone make any guarantees.
  2. Most plugins are free, and those that are a part of the paid edition don't have any installation instruction, because they are an integral part of the script.
  3. Preparing installation instructions for the free versions would generate additional costs.
  4. It wouldn't be cost-effective to sell inexpensive plugins with technical support included. On the other hand giving no tech support would be very disappointing for some clients. We would not want to leave our clients alone with their technical problems.
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