We're busting myths about Quick.Cart and Quick.Cart.Ext

Just a few years ago one could state, that our software was dedicated for simple web shops. But for several years now it's been quite different!

A large shop? No problem!

If a webmaster reads the documentation carefully and configures the software properly, he will have no problem starting up a shop with several thousand products.

  • Screenshot of imperiumlamp.pl
    Imperiumlamp.pl on Quick.Cart.Ext with 6000 products
  • Screenshot of radiohobby.com.pl
    Radiohobby.com.pl on Quick.Cart.Ext with 14 000 products

Quick.Cart is fast because it stores data in RAM. Several years ago you could get only 16 MB of RAM on a server and it was difficult to have a shop with more than 2000 products. Now 128 MB of RAM is a server standard. With PrestaShop or OpenCart it's all good until too many customers visits your shop.

Performance of Quick.Cart 1000 products, PrestaShop and OpenCart
About PrestaShop: I used it until I got a message from my hosting provider about too heavy server load. I had maybe 2000 visits a day and several hundred products. I kept looking. I was deciding between OpenCart and Quick.Cart. I chose the second one... - review from whichshoppingcart.com »

You can't build a large shop on this software

Nonsense! Our program is more efficient » than other programs. Quick.Cart.Ext offers functions, which are required in large shops, such as SEO mechanisms, access to administration panel for many admins, user login, ordering various versions of a product, control over stock volumes, integration with payment services, price comparison services, newsletter, polls, news and many others.

A great proposition for those who offer not just small websites, but are looking for tools that are fast, stable, easy to modify and most of all safe. - review by Jarosław Migoń »

It's clear that our program works great on simple implementations. Selected examples below show that large websites have run on our systems for years!

  • Screenshot of Sowlofficial.com
    Sowlofficial.com on Quick.Cart.Ext
  • Screenshot of Domowewypieki.info
    Domowewypieki.info on Quick.Cart.Ext
A customer came to me about updating old Quick.Cart.Ext v3.5 shop to the v6.5 version. The customer wasn't complaining about anything, but admitted to having been "cheating on" Quick.Cart for the last half year and using PrestaShop. This experience allowed him to decide to go back to Quick.Cart.Ext.
Review by a partner Zbigniew Sztandera from StudioStrona.pl
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