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Descriptions in this documentation may differ from or not be available in the Quick.Cms documentation. Access to some sections is granted only to Quick.Cms.Ext v6.x users.

Quick.Cms.Ext v6.7: let's get started

Learn what recommendations you should follow when you're starting your adventure with our script. The following advices come from 10 years of our work with webmasters. So read all of it carefully, this may help you avoid several often made mistakes.

A few questions for the beginning

Be honest with yourself and answer a few questions, then depending on your answer, read our comment.

Do you know HTML and CSS languages well?
  • Yes - great. Our system (script) is famous for its simplicity of modification and use, so you will be able to handle it. Go to the next question.
  • No - find a friend, who will create the website for you. You can also uses more »the services our partners », who have been working with this for years and are trained by us, to keep their services to the highest standards. Without this knowledge you can't create a website. You can use other systems, but it won't be any easier.
    There are ready to use templates for beginners, but we don't thinks it's a good solution. Better leave it to professionals. Unfortunately a cheap, cookie-cutter design will bring just as much profit and advertisement to the company. Our experience taught us, that couple hundred of Euros more can make a lot of difference. In 10 years of our work we've seen the tendency, that some people after several years decide they have to invest in expanding their website, and in most cases it was highly beneficial for them. By their own admission the previous years were wasted and showed little profit. The conclusion is simple: a professional website with a good graphics design, quality contents, and well optimized will get a high Google position and will interest a potential customer.
Have you tested Quick.Cms v6.x (free edition)?
  • Yes - that's very good. That means you know how the script works, how its code looks and you already know its basic advantages and more »drawbacks. Yes, it's true, we want to be honest and we admit, that our scripts also have flaws. We've even detailed these flaws in the additional information » section.
  • No - download the free edition », and then come back to this description to find out what to do with it.
Do you think that our system was designed for small websites?
  • Yes - it used to be true, but it has changed some time ago. For several years we've been working closely with many webmasters, with who more »during training meetings and on the partners' forum we consult development of our systems. As a result Quick.Cms.Ext in the basic version was designed for a simple website. But thanks to dozens of carefully selected plugins, the system get's much more powerful. It can then manage large websites and news services. You can't believe it? We won't force anyone into believing, but take a moment and see some of the interesting projects » based on our scripts. A lot depends on the webmaster's skills. There are those, who create mainly simple websites, they make up the majority. But the second group of webmasters, who after participating in our training meetings got enough self confidence to create many of their own plugins. One of the partners chose our script to create the CRM Quick.Crm system », for web design companies management, which was already successfully implemented in several companies.
  • No - this means you belong to the minority of people, who begin working with it and think alike. You won't create another with this system more »but a decent-sized news portal - why not. Of course you can always create a small website, that's what the basic version of Quick.Cms.Ext was designed for. If was meant to meet the needs of simple websites. The system get's the power from plugins and your skills
  • I don't know - get to know several the interesting projects » some of many implementations, many of which more »just can't be qualified as simple personal site. We work closely with many webmasters, who during training meetings and on the partners' forum we consult development of our systems. As a result Quick.Cms.Ext in the basic version was designed for a simple website. But thanks to dozens of carefully selected plugins, the system get's much more powerful. It can then manage large websites and news sites.

Download and test the free edition

Before ordering Quick.Cms.Ext, download the free edition » and check it out on your local server. Use the local server to test and prepare your website. Learn about requirements and installation instructions ». You'll learn how to create a local server and how to correctly install the script. Then spare 10 minutes to go through the system's manual »

With the free Quick.Cms edition you can create simple websites and more »it does the job famously. It may be enough for you in the beginning, but remember, that Quick.Cms.Ext includes more than 70 additional functionalities ». They will make your website more appealing and they often improve your website's Google position. Many of our partners understood that several years ago and so they stopped using the free edition. Quick.Cms.Ext has many improvements for webmasters, so that getting the same effect regarding Google position, attractive and diversified design on the free edition often exceeds the cost of the paid edition.

Test the demo version Quick.Cms.Ext

Before ordering Quick.Cms.Ext, test the demonstrative version » of the system. You'll get familiar with its basic capabilities browser-side. Remember, that:

  1. Quick.Cms.Ext has built in basic functionalities needed to manage simple websites. The remaining 70 functionalities can be installed as plugins. In the plugins section in the administration panel », you'll find all available plugins you can install in the script. We've prepared detailed descriptions of plugins along with screenshots for you to know as much as possible about them. Installing plugins on the demo version more »is not possible. Our partner is developing a system, which will allow to set free individual test versions for users to allow them to install and test plugins.
  2. The system has many functions and improvements for webmasters. Get to know the list of improvements for webmasters ». They will make creating a website faster and more interesting.

Many webmasters choose this system even for more »small needs, because they know, that further development of the website will be much easier. Often customers are looking for something simple, but even on the design stage their expectations grow. Our partners also claim, that websites based on Quick.Cms.Ext also have better Google position thanks to many plugins.

Doubts about choosing Quick.Cms.Ext?

If you have any doubts about purchasing our software, read the article Quick.Cms.Ext versus competition » as well as user reviews »

Yes! Our systems have flaws. Making the choice was never easy. A recent opinion (June 2014) from one of our partners Zbigniew Sztandera from StudioStrona might be helpful: Recently more and more customers ask to migrate their websites from WordPress to Quick.Cms.

Ordering Quick.Cms.Ext

We're happy you are interested in our paid edition. You're probably a web designer. Most webmasters have already created several websites, often based on our free editions. Read about the offer for webmasters », and you will get a chance to get a sizeable discount before your first purchase!

Read the license of the system », order the script », and wait for an email with the script to start your great adventure with our system.

Keep working on your skills

Read the literature, develop your skills, learn basics of PHP.

We can see a great difference between webmasters who actively participate in developing our scripts and developing their skills. They started designing simple websites based on our scripts, but now, as their qualifications and reputation has grown, they can make much better and worth much more projects. We wish the same to you, so that you can meet the needs of both small requirements and small budget customers as well as those with bigger expectations and bigger money. Good luck avoiding customers with high expectations and small budgets :)

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