Tech support

We provide professional and fast help for those who purchased Quick.Cms.Ext or Quick.Cart.Ext. Do you have a problem implementing graphics or making a modification? Use our help, we will guide you!

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Script's management tech support

As long as 6 months since purchase of the script you can get help through the support form. During this time we will provide advice, that will guide you in learning how to manage your website.

As creators of the scripts we know them best, from us you'll get first hand information.

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Short response time

On workdays we usually reply within several hours. When preparing a reply takes more time, for example if the problem is more complex, we usually reply within 24 hours on workdays.

We respect your time and you will not be left without an answer.

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6 months is up, what then?

Even when your tech support is up, you can still ask us questions. We don't want to leave you alone with your problem. We will still try to give you a reply within 3 workdays.

Our experience taught us, that you will probably need our help for 2-3 first months since buying our system. 6 months is quite enough to know our system sufficiently well.

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Dedicated support form

For your convenience we've created a friendly support system. You won't have to search for correspondence history among other messages in your mailbox. You'll find everything in order in one place.

We care about your comfort and we take supporting our customers seriously.

Terms and conditions of tech support

Terms and conditions described below regard the tech support service.

  1. Support period
    A customer is granted at maximum 3 hours of tech support within 6 months.
  2. Reply time
    A reply to a question sent to us will be granted within 72 hours at maximum on workdays (Monday through Friday)
  3. Contact channels
    Tech support is provided through a support form ».
  4. Scope
    Tech support can provide help with software's use, simple modifications, principles of how chosen functions work and general use tips. It's usually in form of tips, not ready-made solutions. Implementing a modification according to tips we provide is something a customer must do on his or her own. Modifying the software requires some basic knowledge of: internet browsers, text editors, FTP server connections, HTML/CSS and sometimes PHP languages.
    Technical support service does not include programmer's work, detailed instructions of modifications and other specialized work. Programmer's work is provided by OpenSolution partners »
  5. Special support conditions for partners
    • Bronze partners, due to the discount they are granted, get 1 hour of tech support for 1 month with the purchase of Quick.Cms.Ext, Quick.Cart.Ext and updates.
    • Due to large discounts, tech support for silver, gold and platinum partners has lower priority. For their question we reply within 3 workdays.
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