Quick.Cms.Ext reviews

Why is Quick.Cms.Ext v6 better than other systems? Reap reviews of webmasters, who created their projects on the latest versions of the CMS system. Learn why the latest version is so much better than the older ones.

Screenshot of grafiQa.pl

Jarosław Migoń, grafiQa.pl

New versions Quick.Cms.Ext v6 or Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6 are a great idea for those, who offer not only small websites, but are also looking for tools that are fast, stable, easy to modify and especially safe.

Screenshot of studiostrona.pl

Zbigniew Sztandera, StudioStrona.pl

I've been designing websites on OpenSolution systems for 10 years now, but there was never this big leap in functionality and versatility. As always safety and comfort of use "rule". Use of SQLite database allows to develop a website conveniently still keeping it easy to install. Introduced system of widgets allows to create interesting and unconventional websites.

Screenshot of vmdesign.pl

Sebastian Kocik, VMDesign.pl

In one word - "breakthrough"! Looking back at previous versions, the possibilities Quick.Cms.Ext v6 offers are light years away. That is for both webmasters and potential users.

Screenshot of masteros.net

Remigiusz Ciupek, MasterOS.net

This is a very good product. New technical structure, new database, lots and lots of plugins, which you can organize on your website just the way you want. There are huge possibilities to modify the system, sky is the limit:) Worth recommending!!!

Screenshot of czyzkowski.net

Robert Czyżkowski, Czyżkowski.net

For a long time now we've considered OpenSolution products to be excellent. The latest Quick.Cms.Ext is a new level of possibilities both for designers, programmers and users. Large amount of plugins or SQLite date allow to use the script on websites with extensive structures. The system allows to expand a website according to specific needs without adding any limitations.

Screenshot of projektgraficzny.com

Artur Adamski, projektgraficzny.com

Version 6 is a great technological step forward and follows designing trends. Greater tool capabilities still maintaining speed and dynamics. Don't look back, switch to the new version!

Screenshot of futuro-design.com.pl

Stanisław Rakowski, futuro-design.com.pl

The new system is the breakthrough we've been waiting for a long time. HTML 5 - even more modern and functional websites working correctly on your computer, tablet or smartphone, it's exactly what you need!
Managing the system is even faster and easier, that puts Quick.Cms.Ext way ahead its competition and makes it more attractive to customers. Creating our projects on this system guarantees satisfaction and good reviews from our customers.

Screenshot of hainet.pl

Mariusz Szczęsny, hainet.pl

New Quick.Cms.Ext v6 is a perfect tool for creating unique websites, which works great with Google. Big PLUS for the right way to develop the new CMS!

Screenshot of hostgrafia.pl

Grzegorz Kajewski, hostgrafia.pl

After years of searching, trying and testing various CMS's I knew what the system I want to work with should be like and what it should include. For quite a long time I've been doing all my webmaster's work on Quick.Cms. Previously on free editions, now only on paid ones. And I don't see how I would change my mind.

Screenshot of arnev.net

Grzegorz Łyczykowski, arnev.net

Breakthrough in performance, functionality and possibilities. A great leap when it comes to code, which requires a completely new designing approach, and even though you might want to tear your hair out, curse - it would be too rash, because simplicity of solutions used compensates all inconveniences :)

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