New Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.2!

Many new interesting changes in Quick.Cms.Ext v6.2 we present are a result of constant cooperation with webmasters! Take a look at what's new.

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Bug fixes more »      
Optimization and improvement of HTML/CSS/JS/PHP code more »
We've introduced a number of code improvements, including:
  • change of file name's ending added when the same name is repeated from "[X]" to "-X" (where X is a number).
  • Quick.Cms.Ext only - introduction of a universal CSS class "captcha" for forms,
  • Quick.Cms.Ext only - when the bDontDisplayList parameter is introduced into the listWidgets() function, widgets will be displayed in a "div" element instead of a "li" list,
Quick.Box, Quick.Slider and Quick.Form in minimized version more »
This solution's upside is decrease of file size by approx. 50%, which improves website's loading time and Google PageSpeed Insights ยป results. Full (not minimized) versions of the libraries are available in the manual.
Edit slider position on a list of sliders in the administration panel      
Default image selection cancelation button      
Display original image in Quick.Box more »
Sometimes full sized images are made smaller because they are too large for the available screen space. If that's the case, in the right bottom corner there will be a link to the original size image. When clicked, the image will be displayed directly in a new browser window.
Splitting generated cache memory into sections more »
It's possible to enable cache for specific sections: files, sliders, widgets. Due to the fact that cache is rarely used in websites, we retire this option.
Slider set more »
In the new version it's possible to add unlimited number of slider sets in the administration panel (in the slider edit form). Since now it's also possible to attach slider to a page.
Edit slider status on the list of sliders in the administration panel      
Option to disable image zoom in more »
When this new option is checked, clicking on an image displayed in page details will not link to enlarged image. This solution is useful, when images displayed in page details are large and it's not necessary to show full sized versions.
Excluding selected menus from lists more »
We've added 3 configuration variables in which you can determine all menu types which are to be excluded the search list, sitemap and sitemap for Google. Pages in those menus will not appear on said lists.
Setting selected widgets in config file      
Edit widget status and position on a list of widgets in the panel      
Custom widget functions more »
You can set selected function for a specific widget, and also enter an additional numeric parameter, for example page id, number of displayed elements, etc. The solution is especially useful for advanced users of our system.
Pinterest among social media links more »
We've added a new button in the socialLinks plugin - "pin" a website to a Pinterest pinboard. When a website is added to Pinterest, a default image is also taken from the website (aside from website's name and address).
Updated Facebook Like Box pluginmore »
Social media plugin Like Box was modified by Facebook. This update is included in this plugin.
Improvement of plugin showing a drop down menu more »
A new CSS class was added which allows to set styles of a position in a drop down menu.
Option to disable automatic setting of default images more »      
Adding new features in page form      
New plugin: global settings for new added files more »      
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