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Useful tools and programs for webmasters

Zbigniew Sztandera

Zbigniew Sztandera

Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart (both free and paid editions) allows to create interesting, fast and safe websites. We're presenting a tested set of software useful to every webmaster.

Total Commander - file manager

Popular, advanced file manager. Key features:

  1. built-in FTP client allowing to connect to a server and manage files on that server
  2. ability to compare files by content (very useful functionality)
  3. ability to compare changes in directories (you can quickly check which files were changed, for example in the latest version of Quick.Cms system)
  4. file management (edit, delete, create, copy, move)
  5. convenient and fast searching through a excerpt of code in a single file or in many files

Paid software, test version available for download. Download Total Commander at www.ghisler.com 

Total Commander

Notepad++ - text editor

Very simple, free plain text and PHP, HTML and CSS file editor.

  1. perfect substitute for a system notepad
  2. has the option to highlight syntax of HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc.
  3. correctly handles UTF-8 coding
  4. handles auto complete, find and replace of strings of characters
  5. includes a convenient function for handling multiple tabs

Download Notepad++ at www.notepad-plus-plus.org

Notepad++ text editor

XAMMP - test www server on your computer

XAMPP is a free Apache distribution, includes MySQL, PHP and Perl. Allows to run a local server (localhost).

  1. allows to test an entire website without the necessity of running it on an external server
  2. testing a website on a local server allow to save plenty of time
  3. testing on your own computer first makes the website more secure
  4. easy to install
  5. runs with Windows, Linux, OS X

Download XAMMP at www.apachefriends.org 

Xammp test server

ColorPix - sample color from screen

My favourite program to sample interesting colors from a screen.

  1. ColorPix is free
  2. doesn't require installation, you just have to run it
  3. shows RGB, HEX, HSB and CMYK color codes
  4. zoom option
  5. allows to easily copy code of a chosen color

Download ColorPix at www.colorschemer.com 

ColorPix program

Color Schemer Online V2 - color generator

Are you looking for a background color, font color? This tool is for you!

  1. does not require installation or downloading, it's an online generator
  2. handles RGB and HEX colors
  3. large number of preinstalled colors
  4. allow to generate a lighter/darker color palette

Add to favourites: www.colorschemer.com 

Color Schemer Online

Adobe Photoshop CC - graphics program (paid)

Undisputed leader of graphics software for professional webmasters

  1. professional and very popular graphics editing program. Among its main applications are: digital photo editing, creating internet graphics, typography and many others
  2. allows to create professional and attractive projects with many high resolution layers, masks and insets interconnected by broad variety of filters and effects
  3. allows for optimization and saving graphics "for internet"
  4. allows to cut a project for HTML
  5. it's paid (in 2014 it's only 9.99 EUR a month), but it's also essential in "the collection" of a present-day webmaster

Download a test version www.adobe.com 

Adobe Photoshop CC

GIMP - graphics program (free)

Another program for creating and editing raster graphics. A useful tool for webmasters, who are not professionally doing graphics, but sometimes make some graphics adjustments.

  1. a good solution for non-demanding webmasters and graphics
  2. it's a modes substitute for the popular, paid program Adobe Photoshop CC

Download GIMP at www.gimp.org

GIMP program /

Your browser and your client's browser

Your client always uses a different browser than you :)

  1. before handing a project to a client, make sure to check it in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer
  2. check it also in the older versions, in particular Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10
  3. remember that sometimes 1px difference in width of an element can "scatter" the entire website in another browser


  1. Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart scripts are extremely easy to use, but using the programs described in this article will guarantee better comfort during designing process and a better end result.
  2. You'll save a lot of time by first testing a website on a local server using XAMPP.
  3. Using Notepad++ you'll steer clear of problems with UTF-8 coding.
  4. You'll manage your files comfortably and safely using Total Commander, you'll upload your files on a server according to Quick.Cms and Quick.Cart requirements.
  5. The other software: ColorPix, Photoshop CC etc. will make your work easier, they will help you to create even better websites.
Article created by Zbigniew Sztandera from StudioStrona, an OpenSolution partner, which designs websites and online shops. Contact the author: info@studiostrona.pl, www: studiostrona.pl.
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