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Upgrading Quick.Cart.Ext

Read instructions on how to update your script to the latest version

Installing required plugins

Only the most popular addons from the previous version are included and installed in the latest Ext edition. It improves efficiency and makes administration panel easier to use. We felt it's better for the user to install addons only as needed, than to have many addons installed, when he or she's not using them.

Before updating database and graphics, you should start administration panel and, using the plugin manager », install required options.

Note! It's not a good idea to install in advance addons you don't need now, but you think you might use sometime in the future. It might influence script's efficiency in a bad way, and also cause the administration panel to be less transparent due to large number of fields and options in forms.

Upgrading the database, config and translations

Choose version of the script you use and read instructions on how to update your database, configuration settings and translations.

a) Converting v6.x to v6.7

Database structure has not changed much. Differences are small enough, so that conversion is not necessary. All you have to do is:

  1. If you're using languages other than English and Polish, add them in the administration panel » by attaching the translation file from the previous version (you'll find it in the database/translations/ directory)
  2. Copy all files overwriting the existing ones (except for the subdirectories and the "_fields.php" file) from the database/ directory in the older version to the same directory in the latest version
  3. Copy all files and subdirectories from the files/ directory in the older version to the same directory in the newest version
  4. Enter the settings page in the administration panel and set options, attach pages to specific functions, set login and password. Some of the settings options (like menu types, thumbnail sizes) are possible to set only by editing the database/config/general.php file. Documentation » will come in handy.

b) Converting v5.x to v6.x

c) Converting v4.x to v6.x

Design movement

This process can be time consuming. Before proceeding to modify the design, we recommend to create a new directory for example templates/new/ and copy there content of templates/default/, and then in administration in the settings select a skin to the "new".

Helpful in this stage will be a section graphic adjustment in documentation.

If the layout is based on free skin downloaded from our website then movement of the design will be much easier. In this situation, download skin to the latest version from the section addons to Ext, and after customize it.

Moving PHP code modifications

If your website's PHP code has been modified, it'll be necessary to contact the programmer who made those changes, to modify the latest script version as well.

Most of free addons to the latest version of a script, are available on page addons to Ext or on page download.

Help with an update

When updating your script we recommend thinking about freshening up the website's look, updating terms and policy (check it for illegal clauses) etc.

If you lack the know-how to do all or part of the update procedures and don't know whom to ask to do it for you, we have some suggestions:

  1. See our partners' offer » if you're looking to update your data and refresh or make a whole new graphics for your cart.
  2. Find out more about our extended customer programming support service » if you just want to move your data and the graphical design from you cart to the its new version. Since we're no graphics designers, we mainly offer programmer's support. It also aimed at those who can make their own graphics designs but lack PHP knowledge.

Contact us », if you have any doubts concerning the script's update.

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