Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 and the package of changes

Familiarize yourself with the list of modifications introduced to the Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 system.

Choose a form to display a notice

We've expanded the functionality of the noticesAccepts » plugin by adding a setting of the location of notices requiring acceptance, for example consent to processing of personal data for marketing purposes. Depending on already installed plugins, you can have notices displayed in the following forms: order, comment, contact, registration and submitting email for subscription.

  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 1
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 2

List of notices accepted by a client

Acceptance of a notice may be required or not when sending a form. An administrator will be able to view the list of accepted messages. These information will be delivered via email, they will also be available in the panel if a customer has registered or placed an order.

  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 3
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 4

Tagging of selected bug-fixes

Bug-fixes we release are mostly verified automatically. The system checks if they are implemented and displays appropriate status. However it happens, that some fixes may require steps, which the system is unable to verify. If follow instructions included in such bug-fix, you can mark it in the new configuration variable. With this plugin such a bug-fix will appear on the list as implemented.

  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 5
  • Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7 - changes 6

Data migration to a newer version

Depending on your current version, an update usually means moving orders, products and images (copy and paste), installing required plugins, implementing graphics and settings by hand. It's a great opportunity to refresh the store, bring it up to new standards, etc.

Select one of the companies from the list of partners we recommend », to have an update priced and a store's project made.

Update costs

Do you have the license for Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7? You get the following package of changes for FREE. Look up the email in which you received the system and download it again.

If you're using a version of Quick.Cart.Ext older than v6.7 and you want to access the latest version, go to our distributor's website »

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