New Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.7!

Many of the new and interesting changes in Quick.Cms.Ext v6.7 we present here, are the result of our constant cooperation with webmasters! Take a look at what's new.

Comparison of new implementations in each edition

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Bug fixes more »      
Hamburger menu      
Header and navigation structure changed      
Responsive versions of slider images      
Support for photos in a modern .webp format      
Template inheritance      
New CSS class in the BODY element      
Thumbnails of photos in the admin panel files list      
New version of jQuery library      
CSS variables (custom properties)      
Inactive link in the menu      
Additional informations on the list of subpages in admin panel      
List of subpages without a link and a photo enlargement from pages list      
AJAX technology in selected forms      
Buttons to add a page in the pages list      
Hints in the page edit form      
Navigation path in the admin panel      
Link on client side - to the list of subpages in admin panel from      
Hide items in the panel menu      
Navigation path in the list of subpages      
Information about pages related with tags and widgets      
Improved slider sets      
Extended CSV export data      
Integration with the Slick library      
Pages relations with features data and user groups      
Users and newsletter integration      

CMS and store functions

Quick.Cms.Ext+ v6.7 from now on has no add-ons with shop functions such as: product and order management. We moved these options to the new CMS edition which development is in progress. It will be a CMS system crafted to create a fully functional online store.

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