New Quick.Cms and Quick.Cms.Ext v6.4!

Many of the new and interesting changes in Quick.Cms.Ext v6.4 we present here, are the result of our constant cooperation with webmasters! Take a look at what's new.

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Bug fixes more »      
Updates of external plugins: TinyMCE, CKEditor, Galleria      
Verification of the RADIO type fields more »
We've expanded the Quick.Form library by adding the ability to verify RADIO type fields. This solution is useful to programmers who create their own forms within our system.
Expanded selection list (SELECT) more »
We've implemented the Chosen plugin based on the jQuery library. It allows to perform a search in all selection lists. When they contain a lot of items, it makes handling the admin panel much smoother. Search box will appear on a list, if there are 20 or more items on the list. This value can be adjusted in the configuration file.
Redirecting subpages to external URLs more »
We've used the method of direct links of pages. External URL, to which a page links, will be visible on a list of subpages, in a menu, etc. It also allows an admin to link from a menu to a specific location on a website (hashtag). It's a popular solution for one-page type websites. With this new method, the system will generate less URLs.
Set of configuration variables more »
To make managing a website even easier, we've decided to share a set of configuration variables responsible for initial settings of pages while they being added, also in the paid edition (Quick.Cms.Ext and Quick.Cms.Ext+) of new widgets, users, and other elements.
Uploading files using the drag-and-drop method more »
There's a new area called "Drag and drop file from your computer to load" in the "Add files" tab in a page form. All you need to do is drag a file from a computer (a disc) to this area and drop it there (well known "drag & drop" method).

It's very convenient for those, who are used to this method of moving files.
Improvement for high pixel density screens more »
We've added a piece of CSS code, which is responsible for website's look on high pixel density screens. This rule makes it easier to click on website's function elements such as the 'x' button disabling a full size image.
Hiding pages in sitemaps more »
In the panel there's a new option to hide pages in a sitemap (client-side) and a XML sitemap (sitemap.xml).
Search pages with a tag more »
We've extended the search options in the administration panel to include listing pages with a chosen tag.
Options of displaying subpages on a selection list (SELECT) more »
We've developed configuration options which allow to fine-tune the display of subpages in selection lists (SELECT) depending on type and size of the website
Browsing pages with a widget in their contentmore »
We've improved how widgets in non-standard localizations are organized. With this function to search widgets located in pages' content, it's possible to verify which widgets are being used and which aren't.

On the list of widgets there will be a link with the number of widgets used in page contents. In a widget form, there's a new "Find pages with widgets" link. Click on it to go to the list of pages which contain this widget in their content.
Disabling the option to select chosen pages on lists more »
This extension allows programmers non-invasive interference with the select options of specific pages on a list. To achieve this, one has to enter an optional name of a custom PHP function, which will pass id's of pages available for selection
New widget localizations and hiding contentmore »
Some external scripts (Java Script mostly) embedded in a page require strictly defined locations in HTML code. At webmasters' request we've added new localizations of widgets, their names start with "Tech section". This solution will make it easier for programmers to add new scripts using widgets.

We've realized, that for some new widgets, the content field was left empty. It happens when widgets are used to display lists, sliders, etc. From now on, the widget form includes the option to hide its content. Also the system hides this field automatically if a widget doesn't have content.
A "none" option in multiple choice lists more »
We've improved multiple choice lists by adding a "none" option. It allows to disable previously selected positions. This type of lists appear in many plugins, such as admins, related pages, extended widgets and tags.
Saving initial settings for subpages more »
When editing a page, it's possible to save already set options to a configuration file by clicking on the "save with the setting" button. If you do, each new added page will have the same settings as the "model" page. The administrator will be able to work out several template pages, to help make future panel management swifter
Enabling and disabling form safeguardsmore »
Forms, such as user registration, contact, comment, and order, contain mathematical security measures against SPAM robots. Now you can disable them. Additionally the system disables them when a form is being filled out by a logged in user.
Additional parameters of pages and widgetsmore »
In the "Additional parameters" tab we've added the list of all previously used parameters with their values, as well as predefined parameter names. Setting additional parameters from this version on will be significantly faster and more convenient.
Option to disable the slider for selected page more »
The new option allows to disable the slider displayed in the header of selected pages. Using this option and the "The same as for the parent page" option, you can quickly disable the slider for a parent page and all its subpages.
Magnification of a map from Google Maps more »
We've added a new field "Zoom" in the googleMaps » plugin. It allows to better adjust the scale of a map generated by Google Maps embedded on the website.
Extended comment plugin more »
We've added the function to filter the list of comments by selected page and new configuration variable, which includes 3 options to be set. Depending on chosen option, a new comment will be shown: after it's approved by an admin; immediately, if it was added by a logged in user (comments added by guest users must be approved by an admin); right away whether it was added by a logged in user or not.
Find pages with selected features more »
The search box in the administration panel allows now to list pages with selected features
Browsing related pages more »
We've extended the search option in the administration panel by the possibility to browse pages related to a selected page in the "Related" tab.
Option to sort product pages more »
We've introduced a new configuration option in the pagesProducts » plugin. It affects sorting of product pages on a client-side list.
New plugin: microdata for product pages more »
Adds structural data (according to for product pages. Allows for fuller presentation of these data in Google. More info »
New plugin: history of subpage modifications more »
Allows the main admin to view the history of changes made on subpages by other admins. This solution gives more control over content modification in the panel. For selected subpages it shows information about date and author of most recent client side modification. More info »
New plugin: ordering services and products more »
Option to order products and services described on subpages. After an item is added to the cart and personal information is filled in, the system will send order details to website's owner email address. This solution is perfect for ordering services such as designing a website. More info »
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