New Quick.Cart and Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7!

3 new plugins and over a dozen changes in Quick.Cart.Ext v6.7. See what's new.

Comparison of changes from the v6.6 version for each edition

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Bug fixes    
New HTML 5 and CSS 3 code    
Improved full-size image browser - Quick.Box    
Java Script uses jQuery improvements    
Labeling of required fields in the administration panel    
Marking hidden pages and products on select lists    
New and improved form checking script - Quick.Form    
Form validating on the flymore »
Before sending a form the script displays a message about incorrectly filled fields. When corrections are made, each field is validated on the fly and an information about validity of each field is displayed.
SEO improvements in the tags plugin    
Adding #X to TITLE in pagination of list of pages    
Hiding selected pages on the website map and website map for Google    
Responsiveness of plugins    
Advanced redirectionmore »
It's possible to choose redirection to a specific page, not just an URL address. URL addresses "like" to get out of date, so choosing redirection to one specific page within a website ensures that all addresses are up do date.
New plugin: slidersBannersQSmore »
You will be able to add sliders (responsive script Quick.Slider) or banners. It will be placed below the left menu and above the page content. Accepted images formats are: jpg, gif, png and (only for banners) swf. Plugin use Quick.Slider.
New plugin: slidersExtQSmore »
Adds another photo type "Slider". Allows to display these photos in slider and also to display subpages list as slider (another subpages list type). Plugin use responsive script Quick.Slider.
New plugin: disableProductsShippingmore »
Extension to delivery methods. You can exclude selected products for specified supplier due to, for instance, size, which a given supplier doesn't handle.
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