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How to create on-line shopping cart?

What do you need to create an on-line shopping cart

There are a few thing you need to have your own shop in the Internet: a domain, a server, software to run the e-shop and a lot of time.

We'll try to describe (as simply as we can) all elements required to start an e-shop.

Internet domain

An Internet domain is an Internet address allowing access to your website. All you need to do to get to your website is to type the address in your web browser, i.e. Internet Explorer or Firefox.

If your company's name is, for instance XYZ, you could buy a domain name like "xyz.com", "xyz.biz". Remember that the address (domain) you choose may already be registered by someone who bought is earlier.

In that case we recommend trying to look for another name relating to what the company does. For instance, if you run a hotel, maybe "xyz-hotel.com" would be a good idea for an address.

Internet server

A server is a computer that stores websites on its disk. Hosting companies that own such servers (computers) offer services of sharing resources, including websites and on-line shopping carts, on the Internet.

A company which will be creating your website, must put it on a server to make it available to people around the world.

Keep away from hosting companies that offer free hosting providers. In most cases they'll expect something in return (e.g. ads) and quality of those services is often very poor.

On-line shopping cart's software

To run an on-line shopping cart you need a software to allow you to manage products, terms and policy, orders, suppliers, clients, etc.

We create Quick.Cart software commonly known as simple and easy to use. We recommend it mostly to those, who want to have a small shop (up to 1000 products).

In most cases the software needs to be configured and modified for individual needs. Therefore it's necessary to choose a company, who provides comprehensive services (make a graphics design, purchase a domain, select the right server, etc.)

Creating an on-line shopping cart

We do not do graphics designs to individual client's needs. But we are very experienced in working with actual website designers. We recommend only those, whose projects we believe to be interesting and whose services are comprehensive (purchasing a domain, choosing the right server, positioning, etc.)

Webmasters use our software to create on-line shopping carts for their clients. That's how we know them and quality of their work.

See the offer of web-design companies »

A few things to remember

Remember, that running an e-business can not be just something extra you add to your job description. If you want to make an honest living off of an on-line shopping cart, you need to take time to:

  1. prepare detailed and clear product descriptions
  2. learn about the on-line shopping cart owner duties
  3. prepare a clear terms and policy
  4. make your customer service top quality
  5. choose a company to provide your e-payments services like: PayPal, Moneybookers, Authorize.Net etc.
  6. choose a company managing a price comparing site like: Froogle.com, Shopping.com etc.
  7. choose a courier company, like DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.
  8. consider any legal issues if you're going to collect and process personal data
  9. learn about the SSL certificate - read more in the article how to protect your website and your customers' data?
  10. do whatever else you need to do in your kind of business

Maybe the list of things you need to take care of if you want your on-line shopping cart to work smoothly and legally scared you. You are required to know legal issues concerning your type of business and have at least some idea of the problem.

You can use a professional help with developing terms and policy, privacy policy, clients' personal data issues.

Search for reseller from your country » and ask him for help if you have some questions.

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