Who is the admin and where are instructions?


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2005-07-19 11:32


How to login as administrator? What is may default password?

Is there any instructionbook on the net or localy?





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2005-07-19 11:45

OK I have the answer for login but I wuld like to have some instructions somewhere.

Instructionbook or something like this wanted!




Ray Floyds

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2005-07-20 20:01

did you read the about.txt ??

Quick.Cart by OpenSolution.org

HowTo Install
Step 1)
Login Your shell account, set Your work path to main Quick.Cart directory and:
- cd files/
- chmod 777 *
- cd ..
- cd db/
- chmod 777 *

All files in directories "files/" and "db/" must have chmod 777

If You want edit preferences/configuration in administration give chmod 777 to config/general.php file
- cd config/
- chmod 777 general.php

Step 2) Edit config/general.php and specify login and pass ($config['login'], $config['pass']). Default login is "admin" and password is "admin"
Step 3) Start Quick.Cart

- PHP >= 4.3.3
- gd2 extension in php (php.ini)

Use, change all if You want except "Powered by Quick.Cart" in footer. Script is based on GPL license.

Quick.Cart open source project, so you can download it and use absolutely for free. But our team spend some money to give you this chance.
We have to buy domain, server etc. So if you like our work and if you wish to donate QuickCart developing send us some gold!.
E-Gold is worldwide electronic money, backed with real gold. It's great payment system. More info at www.e-gold.com

To donate:
- open E-gold account at https://www.e-gold.com/newacct/
- transfer to our account 1744180 some amount of e-gold

Here ya go... Have fun using QC !

www.quickcart.nl Dutch Support Site


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2005-07-21 06:39

im sorry but this really does qualify as a RTFM!!!

;) read the manual man..

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