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2005-07-18 03:20

I thought this would have come up before, so I'm sorry if I missed it somewhere. Could someone tell me how I would go about setting up the tax plugin so the user can input whether or not they need to pay tax via a drop down.


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2005-07-29 15:18

treewood - please add this feature in 0.4 or later versions... I know tax is just a plugin, but maybe it's time to integrate that plugin into the shop and extend it's functionality.
I know some countries don't have to show how much VAT is being payed. But in a lot of countries for example Sweden we have to show our customers how much VAT they are paying so that they can deduct it if possible when they are paying their taxes. And yes, they have to pay VAT if we want to follow the law ;-)

A tricky thing is that some products have different VAT than other products in Sweden, food and books have allmost no VAT.

The Axe

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2005-09-02 23:21

I agree with kent, it would be very nice to include tax standaard. I'm also having another problem, here in the Netherlands they use two tax rates an high and an low (19% and 6%).
Maybe a possibility to add a field to product where you can fill in the tax rate or even a pulldown with the rates wihch you define 'somewhere'.



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2005-09-03 12:09

i love tax

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