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Avatar: Nathan

2005-07-15 16:02


I am struggling a bit to get a Back and Up link at the bottom of ALL content pages. I tried to put the code everywhere but still no luck.

the code itself is fine, i put in content_list_sub.. so if a page has sub categories below the links to these sub pages it displayes fine...

Where should i put it to get it on all content pages??



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2005-07-18 11:34

Oef.. found it... overlooked the poss. in footer.tpl
Just paste something like this:
<!-- <a href='#top'><img src='Templates/default/img/up.gif' width='30' height='30' border='0' />UP</a><br />
<br />
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; <a href='javascript: history.back()'><img src='Templates/default/img/back.gif' border='0' width='30' height='30' />BACK</a>
<br /> -->

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