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2005-07-15 15:55

How can it be that when some one orders some thing it will take
+/- 3 hours before i see the order in the admin screen.
Also the quickcart sometimes has a @#$@#, so everything is gone
and resetted???. Also sometimes i see the order in the admin but never got a email.

Please can someone explane (PHP screwup?)


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2005-07-15 15:56

Sorry i forgot, its a working quickcart and its online.
So please don't order

Ray Floyds

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2005-07-15 20:55

(in dutch)

Ik denk dat het door je server komt, staan de servers van "helderhosting" wel in NL ?

Misschien zou je, je host eens kunnen bellen en vragen waarom de pop3 zo traag verloopt...

Is it because the server off you host are not stationed in a NL datacenter.
Try to contact them at ask them way the pop3 delevery is taking a long time.

or try another host !? Dutch Support Site


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2005-07-16 18:55

well Ray Floyds i don't thing that's the answer while using the contact form i got it within 3 secondes. Or is this a differend way.

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2005-07-17 08:47

usenetpromotions - strange ... mail by contact or mail order use other code in quick.cart but it use mail( ) function ... maybe smtp problem on server?

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