Order submit reports fields not completed


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2005-07-12 02:46

QC Version 0.3.1
Even if you complete all the fields in the order details, when click SUBMIT, it returns back with message that fields have not been completed and the information you had entered in the form is empty or cleared by the script.

Ulysses Solutions Limited

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2005-07-12 07:30

i tested it ... works ok



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2005-07-12 10:47

I can see that it has worked, but when I submit, it returns back. Could it be some settings on my browser?

Ray Floyds

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2005-07-12 19:51

Is this to do with the know telephonenumber bug ?

see http://opensolution.org/forum/index.php?p=readTopic&nr=719

www.quickcart.nl Dutch Support Site


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2005-07-14 05:21

Thanks Ray. Looks like there were not enough digits entered for the telephone number during my testing.

Suggestion for developer:

Please consider displaying an example telephone format in the field.

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