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Digital Backups

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2005-07-04 07:18

I have had some requests for shopping carts from clients, and would like start selling shopping carts as part of my Design and Hosting Business.

Obvious I would like to use Quick.Cart after doing my own cart with this great package. I want to post the cart 4 sale in my shopping cart with the many plug-ins included that have been developed by wizzud and others. - I know all credits need to be left in the code, and the "Cart Powered by Quick.Cart" link at the bottom. If OK anything else that you would like noted in my promotion and the sites made???

I don't want to step on any feet and want to make sure its ok.

I am not planning on selling the cart per say, but the design, setup, and hosting of an open source shopping cart (quick.cart). I also want to add a user/admin demo cart on my site, that a cron job replaces the db files every hour - I will plan on leaving this the original quick.cart design.

Is this cool..... or is this bogus ?

There are many ways to get a hold of me on my website or post back here. Please let me know your honest feelings on this guys. If its not wanted I will not do it.



Ray Floyds

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2005-07-04 14:52

can you tell me why a customer wants to pay for QC, if they can get it for free, or do you only want to sell a skin ? Dutch Support Site

Digital Backups

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2005-07-05 19:44

Looking to sell the skinning and setup of.

My website sells complete packages. Domain Name, Hosting, and Site Design, I want to create a package for a shopping cart utilizing Quick.Cart


Just A Newbie

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2005-08-20 16:56

good question...I have had the same request as quick cart is so easy to use especially for "non computer minded people" I would like to "on sell" as well....not the script but the configuration for the client and designing the site too their needs.

Would do the same as above a demo site etc and leave the "powered by" on the sites

I would advise people the script is open source anyway but they would pay me to upload configure and design if thats what they required.

Didn't know if this was "acceptable" for an open source script

Please can someone advise.



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2005-08-21 22:23

There is one answer for your questions: you can do anything you want with Quick.Cart what GPL license says, and also this additional reservation of authors:

"Program can be modified, however, it is necessity to leave information about origin. You should make it by placing in visible place on site "powered by Quick.Cart" text, which should link to"

So you can sell modifications, design, support, configuration for your clients, but Quick.Cart must be free of charge and there must be text "powered by Quick.Cart" in visible place (best in footer).

GPL License:

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