Download invoice / check order progress


Avatar: Zandmanneke

2005-07-02 02:13

It would be nice if customers could download an invoice and/or check the order progress by using a link supplied with the confirmation email.

The link can be made up from the user's email address together with the order id and maybe a date.

Whenever the admin changes the status of the order the user can see that when he/she checks the status by clicking on the link. For added safety the link should become inaccessible when the admin changes the order to "Finished"...

Let me know what y'all think of this suggestion! Vote for me, Zandmanneke for President! (sorry, got a bit carried away there ;-)



No avatar

2005-07-15 14:27


I like your suggestion for customer to track order progress. However there needs to be a customer login area to keep the customer information unique. This means that before customer can start placing orders, they will have to first register. This way the sytem can track which order belongs to whom.


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