Photo upload doesn't work -- Out of Ideeas


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2005-06-28 10:55

i'm using the SME-server with GD2 and imagemagix, al works fine almost every photo-upload script goes, but........

no photo-upload with, QC (2.5), (3.0), and no errors ??? so where to look, yess i'v chmoded everything, i look wiht my php editor in almost everry file, but now i'm out of idee's so..... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Avatar: Tom

2005-06-28 19:05

I am using 3.0 and the photos are located in /files/products after I added them to the product description page.

I did experience a problem initially but I though maybe it was because the image was too large. I have my images set at 72 dpi and they are roughly 2 X 5 inches.



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2005-06-29 10:51

Shame on me, thanks tom, my mistake, i chanced the size but they were still over 100k so nog, now it works Yehaaa

but i hope the next version wil make tumnails / large / larger automatic

Greetings to ya all


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