New Quick.Cms.Lite v2.6 - stable version - released!

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2010-04-16 08:31

You can get this version from download here:

You can test this version here:

Changes here:

HOW TO UPDATE FROM v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.5?
1. We DIDN'T changed database structure in v2.6. You can download new version and overwrite all files in "db/" directory from v2.0, v2.1, v2.2, v2.3, v2.4, v2.5

2. Changed or added files in v2.6

If You want to update from Quick.Cms.Lite v2.5. Check changes using Total Commander. Select file in Quick.Cms.Lite v2.5 (first column) and the same file in Quick.Cms.Lite v2.6 (second column) and click in menu "Files" > "Compare by Content". You will find changes made by us.


Avatar: beholder

2010-04-16 19:11

alas, 2.6 seems to have a small bug concerning the new feature "Copy files selected from server" when set to no.

Let's suppose an admin adds a new image to the server (to some page), thumbnail sizes 100 and 100.
When the admin then add the same image from the server to another page - and changes thumbnails sizes to a different size, then the thumb file will not be created in the thumb directory and the page will have an empty frame for a thumbnail of that image. This is proved not working in your demo, notice the missing pic up there:,4

I will look for the fix right now and will post it here if I find it.


Avatar: beholder

2010-04-16 20:49

so I found this unwanted behavior is caused in core/files-admin.php by line:
if( $bFromExist !== true )

when you delete it, everything works as it should.
But otherwise it's a good release, I was waiting for this particular feature quite a long time.

I have also made some other changes to the way images are displayed. For example, it is easily possible to add more image types (up, down) and made them 'unclickable' i.e. no lightbox.
Also I have made a new size called "original" and modified the system to never generate new thumbnails for that size. That way an admin can display some images on page in their entirety without the user necessarily clicking on them. If you are interested, I can share these modifications they are helpful yet just a few small lines of code.


Avatar: qwerious

2010-10-02 16:40

Hi Beholder
Those mods sound interesting. Is there any possibility of you publishing them please?


Avatar: beholder

2010-11-03 17:54

no time now, maybe later. Please keep bugging me through my personal email though.

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