Dutch Support Site Soon ?!

Ray Floyds

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2005-06-24 10:32

Hi all,

I just wanted you to know that I want to start with a Dutch Support Site for Quick.Cart.
The site will be up and running with a coiuple of day's (if it's not to hot outside)

I've there is anyone how wants to contact me, please mail me at : floyds@chello.nl

TO ADMIN/DEVELOPERS : Please contact me aswell !!


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2005-06-26 09:54

Would be great,

Made some adjusments on my own but an expert in dutch comes in very handy for me personal


Ray Floyds

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2005-06-26 13:54

Just check the site, it's online but under construction...

So if any of you DUTCH users want to help out just drop me a e-mail at info@quickcart.nl !


www.quickcart.nl (SOON)

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2005-06-27 16:02

ray - wow! ... :)


Ray Floyds

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2005-06-27 16:08

It will be finisched this week.... I only have to upload and post the plugins...


Nataly Kristal

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2007-09-16 16:58

This dutch site is unfortunately not representing the quality of this excellent programme.


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2007-09-17 17:01


Tell me what you really mean ? We've been offline a long time, and now we are back online so let me what it is you want to say...

Dutch Quick Cart Support

Nataly Kristal

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2007-09-19 18:08

My opinion is that a dutch site representing a programme is supporting all.
You people are working with forum software not made by opensolution.
The index page is not made by quick cms.

For the rest is information very hard to find if you don't have an account.
Are you dealing with State Secrets?

This website of Opensoluton.org is completly different.
Watch anything you want.
Use anything you want.
Post anything you want.

The dutch site sucks.

Stephan Design

Avatar: Stephan Design

2010-10-17 16:32

yes it's true..

and now it's not working :-(

you have to search verry good to find a solution also in english is a problem.

Most solutions there are old and do not work in quickcart 3.xx


Avatar: Guido

2010-11-18 20:11


Because many topics are in Polish, I am thinking to start my own Dutch forum for Quick.Cart and Quick.Cms. Ofcourse only if OS is ok with this.

First I would like to know of many of you (Dutch users) like that?


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