How to add options to the products?


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-21 21:39


I'm trying to set up a cable shop for a friend in England. He would like to offer his customers the option to order the same cable but in different length's.
E.g. Cable A in 1 metre or 2 metre or 3 metre. Each at a different price.
I've seen a Q.C shop solving this problem with a drop-down menu. Brilliant!!!!

But how does that work?

TNX for all your help.



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2005-06-21 22:05

by taking pruducts attribute plug


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-21 22:40

TNX for the advice.

DO I have to fill in all the current product info again?

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2005-06-22 08:55

No you won't need to start fresh, but you will need to go to each item, and update if it will use the selective option (attribute plugin)


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