Changes to Template - colors, etc


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-20 04:10

How do you change the colors on QC? I can change the templates for the Admin side but can not change the customer side.

Any tips?



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2005-06-20 09:17

For Admin you went in to dir \templates\admin and for customer side please go to \templates\default



Avatar: Tom

2005-06-20 23:52

Thanks -

On the customer side (Default templates) changes have to be made to the "style.css"


Avatar: ember

2016-11-25 15:05

I want to change the template of my quick.cart site.
I follow this manual:

step 1) copy directory "ablaze" to Quick.Cart "templates/" directory

step 2) log to admin panel and go to "tools" -> "settings" page and select "skin" to ablaze

step 3) after that change script will automatically copy missing .php files from default skin directory, but if there will be some errors (missing files in skins directory) copy missing files manually from templates/default/ directory to new skin

But its not function, what can I do ?

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