adding Credit Card and Billing field in QC


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2005-06-16 23:59

This is a list of files you have to change in order to set up a credit card and billing info fields.

inthe file named "lang" there is a language file depending which language you'd like to use you have to add the new variables.

Quick/templates/default/orders_delivery.tpl = In this file you have to editit you can use dream weaver add the fields each field must have a name as variable then go to the code source and in the line 6 of the array add the ne variables added to the orders_delivery.tpl

Quick/core/orders.php) In the line 25 you also have to add the new variables you added in the past file ,then in line 169 add the same variables that's for the funtion "checkOrderFields"

Quick/core/orders-ff add variables in line 334 and in line 352 you have to add the number of total fields eg array"'$'.$aExp[1]""$'.$aExp[2]""...

Quick\templates\default\footer.tpl line 26=>to chage footer

Quick\templates\admin\orders_show.tpl here you have to work on the design lines and add the fields(variables and lang) you added in orders_delivery.tpl this for the admin to see the order field and print the info if need it!

Quick\templates\admin\orders_print.tpl in thi one you will have to add same variables you did in orders_show.tpl

Quick\templates\default\footer.tpl edit the line 26

if you have questions email me at

this is only for educational matter :)

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2005-06-18 08:19

Nice work, thanks for sharing (-:



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2005-06-18 15:59

Ok, how do set it up so I can add more fields into the Add Products page?

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2005-06-18 19:35

There is a product attributes plug-in in the downloads section here once your login that will allow you to add more fields at the Add Products page.

Also if your just starting with QuickCart, I suggust going to Wizzud's site, he has made great efforts in making plug-ins for this cart and offers a package with most of them included... and click the QuickCart link on the left, then download (QC Loaded v1.2) at the top.

I hope this is what you are looking for.



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2005-06-20 00:19

i have a site currently that accepts donations through a local form that send the total to and external transaction server where they put in their credit card number

they want to sell a limited set of merchandise

i want the shopping cart to send variables with the totals to their external transaction server

will the above noted modifications allow local storage of the order information, but alllow the transmission of the total charge to an external transaction server?


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2006-03-05 18:06

I have added the Credit Card Form elements but they are not passing validation.
What am I missing?


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2006-03-05 18:47

"Quick/core/orders-ff add variables in line 334 and in line 352 you have to add the number of total fields eg array"'$'.$aExp[1]""$'.$aExp[2]""...&qu ot;

I think this part has lost me....
I'm competant with php, but stilla little green around the edges.

I've added 5 more variables and have changed what I knew how. Added to the forms, added the lang[] bit and am not sure now...
Do I need to alter checkform.js?


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2006-03-05 20:23

OK this is definately it..
I think????

if( !function_exists'dbSaveOrderProducts' ) ){
  * Save products quantity to file
  * @return void
  * @param array  $aElements
function dbSaveOrderProducts$aElements ){
$rFile  fopenDB_ORDERS_PRODUCTS'w' );
$iCount count$aFile );

$i 0$i $iCount$i++ ){
$i ){
$aFile[$i]  = rtrim$aFile[$i] );
$aExp       explode'$'$aFile[$i] );
        if( isset( 
$aElements[$aExp[0]] ) && $aElements[$aExp[0]] >= )
$aFile[$i] = $aExp[0].'$'.$aExp[1].'$'.$aExp[2].'$'.sprintf'%01.0f'$aElements[$aExp[0]] ).'$'.$aExp[4].'$'.$aExp[5].'$'."\n";
$aFile[$i] .= "\n";

fwrite$rFile$aFile[$i] );
// end for

fclose$rFile );
// end function dbSaveOrderProducts

I've gotten into the validation, and intend on adding to it.
I need to add 5 fields to the fwrite..

How do I do that?

BTW: A great thanks to the script writers!!!
Very solid, I will be using your code again.


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2006-06-23 17:56

Wowzone: thanks for this cause it definatly is what I need.

when i submit an order and i check in the in the pending orders page it will have the Ip address in the City field, the zip code in the state field, the email in the zip field, the comments in the telephone field and email, ip and comments are blank. and the credit card and expiration fields will have the city and the phone number in them. i've checked the admin/ordermore.tpl template and it's all fine from what i can tell. i'm not real sure what else to do.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance.


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2006-08-14 06:05

Can anyone tell me how to make the order page secure? I'd like to use my SSL cert, but cannot determine how to make it call for the URL with the order fulfillment page.



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2006-08-16 09:29

Quick/core/orders-ff add variables in line 334 and in line 352 you have to add the number of total fields eg array"'$'.$aExp[1]""$'.$aExp[2]""...

I couldnt even locate this so tested without it and it all runs well for my needs


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2006-08-31 18:31

Though these instructions are a bit hard to understand it does work. As Nitrocharged said, that line of instructions is not necessary, for the latest version anyway.


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2007-03-29 08:56

Is this work for V2.1?


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