Tables <table></table> in HTML area! Needed!

Mike Mike

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2005-06-16 09:35

There will be huge face lift if the developers will get the tables working right in the HTML area.

HTML area is really missing the tables possibility. Is there any chances to able to add tables easely?

Any help will be really wanted.

Digital Backups

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2005-06-18 08:12

I was able to do html design work in another html editor, then paste it in the pages

I found that Firefox Browser was much friendlier in the copy and paste than IE. Even after such I had to fine tune by hand, but it can be done.

Here is what the code looks like from my home page at

<table border="0" width="100%" id="table1"><tr><td colspan="2" valign="top">
<tr><td valign="top">
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<table border="0" width="100%" id="table2" align="center"><img border="0" src="../images/100dollarpackage.gif" >

<center><img border="0" src="../images/guarantee.gif"></td></center>

<center><A target='_blank' HREF="">
<IMG SRC="../images/paypalver.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="SiteUptime Web Site Monitoring Service"></A></center>
<center><A target='_blank' HREF="">
<IMG SRC="../images/a_db_company.gif" BORDER="0" ALT="SiteUptime Web Site Monitoring Service"></A></center>
<center><A target='_blank' HREF="">
<IMG SRC="" BORDER="0" WIDTH="88" HEIGHT="31" ALT="SiteUptime Web Site Monitoring Service"></A></center></table></table> =code=

Home it helps


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