Editing the Header and how to put contect to 'about us'


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-14 11:13


I've been trying to alter ther header of the shop. I've run into problems changing the link-name 'contct' and the 'about us'. Both are saved under the $sContentSites but I just don't know where I could alter the titel of these links.

Furthermore I don't know where the actual content of the 'about us' page can be found, as it is empty by default.

I hope someone can help me.

Thanks very much.


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2005-06-14 14:02

QCv0.2.5: Look under content for the about us and contact pages; edit each one and change the title.
QCv0.3.0: Look under categories for the about us and contact pages; edit each one and change the name.
While editting the about us page you'll be able to change the content of the page as well.


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-14 19:51


and thanks for your help. I was able to change the header but I still can't work out how to fill in the "about us" page.
It looks like this:
-999<?php exit ("NO ENTRY "); ?>
0$2$2$$about usp$$$

How would it look like to put a 'Hello this is a test' line onto the 'about us' page?

Thanks for your help

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2005-06-15 01:44

This can be done from admin panel, http://yoursite.com/admin.php

Default login is admin/admin and the page editing can be found under "categories" then the page name, you can do basic html editing there, alternatively you can create a more sophisticated html content in another program, then paste it in the admin panel, If you choose do paste content in, I suggest you use firefox browser as you do, it seems IE tends to have problems with the code pasting.



Avatar: Tom

2005-06-22 19:35

Thanks for all the help.

It's now working fine. But I've run into the next problem.

I've tryed to change the font and font- size in the "about me" and categorie descrition. But I can't find the right CSS so I've given up. I was no problem changing other fonts within the QC but not the "about me" ...

Does anyone know what to do?


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2005-06-23 10:09

View the Source; find the content you've specified; look at the containing cell tags - it might be something like <td class='left_content'>, in which case try changing the left_content class definition in your css file.
You can always add HTML to your content in Admin, and specify your own styles, eg.

<div class='mystyle>This is the content of the About Us page</div>

Hint: Use Firefox, with the WebDeveloper and EditCSS extensions.

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