Order information via e-mail?


Avatar: Tom

2005-06-13 18:44


does anyone have an idea how to alter Q.C in order to receive an e-mail when someone places an order?

At the moment one has to log into the admin account a take a look. Whould it be possible to receive an e-mail on top of it as well?

Thanks for your help.


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2005-06-14 05:14

Good questions! I would like to know how to do that as well.



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2005-06-14 08:20

htmlMailOrderDetails plugin?

Digital Backups

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2005-06-14 08:24

If your just starting out with the cart, it would be to a great advantage to go to Wizzuds site www.wizzud.com , he has a QuickCart package with many extra's already installed. If you already started customizing, as wizzud said, use the plugin, which can be found on this sites download section

Digital Backups

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