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2005-06-03 16:19

As far as I can tell I am unable to log into my shell account to complete step 1 of the installation, which is:

Login Your shell account, set Your work path to main Quick.Cart directory and:
- cd files/
- chmod 777 *
- cd ..
- cd db/
- chmod 777 *

I am hosting at with just a basic site and they tell me that I need to upgrade to a virtual site in order to do this.

I would appreciate any advice you may be able to offer.




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2005-06-03 18:24

I assume Economy Plan, Linux-based (otherwise you haven't got PHP!).
It states on the site that all plans come with 24x7 FTP access, which should be all you need to access your site. Any decent FTP package will give the ability to at least check access to folders, if not modify it.

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