Shipping calculated by weight script


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2005-05-31 15:12

I would love to be able to add a weight value attribute to all products and then have the orders page automatically insert the correct value when you select your country in the form. I am not a programmer and have some php script that does exactly this. Would it be possible to add the php and get it to work out the shipping based on weight and country destination??? Any help from anyone - - - - Wizzud - - would be hugely helpful and I would in turn be happy to share it with everyone :-)



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2005-06-01 14:17

well what can i say. QC is a great package really.. but once you start to thing off boosting it with multilanguage... weight shipment calculation and other things you might hit a wall or it just takes to long to build.

I myself have had the same.... and maybe i will have someone who can programm at somethings to it.. but well sometimes it is better to move to another system... do not get me wrong, again QC is great specially for there a some very handy plugins to make it a bit more advanced already.

After shipment stuff you might come to stocks control etc... then it is time to move to oscommerce and friends i think.... QC is not intended to be a shop like oscommerce or others... and that is it's strong point.

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