How to change the content and name of links in the header?

Stupid Me

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2005-05-31 11:24


a few days ago I did change the name of on of the links contained in the QC header.
I just can't remember how I did it.
How do I change (rename, delete and add) a link in the QC header and assin a html target (i.e. a page outside QC but within the exsisting homepage) to it.

Thanks for the help.


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2005-05-31 18:42



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2005-06-01 22:52

First of all, you guys have put together a Very nice cart!!!!

not sure where to alter the head.tpl.

I want to link to a different page within my site for the "about us" and "contact" categories on the header line. But, head.tpl loads the categories there.

I've tried modifying contact_form.tpl to just contain a link to my page but that doesn't work at all.

Maybe I need to look at $sContentSites?


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2005-06-02 11:20

QC uses the contact page as a fallback option for errors encountered in the cart (such as trying to load an unknown category or content page) which is why it won't allow you to (legitimately) delete it.
You can delete the 'about us' page from Admin if you wish.
In head.tpl search down for menu_top - that cell contains all the top menu links.
If you don't want any content pages displayed in the links just remove $sContentSites from the template. Add in any external links you want.

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