Changing the size of the 'product' discriptions


Avatar: Tom

2005-05-30 13:26


I've pulled my hair out by now, the hair that I've got left at my age, but I can't change some of the font-sizes within QC. I was able to change a few but not of them.
For example I can't change the size and font of:
- page displaed at the start of QC
- the product price
- short discription of the product
and a few other fonts.

Where can I change these fonts? TNX for all your help.




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2005-05-30 16:30

Maybe you tried it but maybe good too mention here.

When you cannot find a class or unsure where to look.. first take a look at the source of your QC website.
Search for that part that is not diplayed the way you want it to be and you will definitely see a class somewhere or !! and maybe that is where people get lost see a thing like: <td style=..... >
That means that for that table the style is defined not global, in de central CSS file.. but instead defined in the page itself.
If this is the case please go and have a find with a search programm through the .tpl files ! and i am sure you will get your QC right!


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2005-05-30 17:06

Use Firefox, with the 'Edit CSS' and 'Web Developer' extensions. This gives you instant feedback on CSS modifications, and can indicate page styles by pointing with mouse, plus so much more!
Invaluable tool!

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