Width of the "Product table"


Avatar: Tom

2005-05-30 13:16

I'm trying to adjust QC to the look of my website by placing it in an existing table.
I've got no problem changing the width of the 'header' and 'footer' to 99% of the hosting table. I've change the wisth of the menu on the left hand side but I can not get the "product information part" of the page to fit to the width of the remaining table.
Where can I change the fixed width of this part of QC to i.e. 99%?

Thanks for your help and I just love QC.


P.S.: I#ve also posted a question about changing the QC-CSS.



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2005-06-08 08:35

I'm trying to do this too.

I've changed the style.css file to .main_table { width: 850px; }
instead of 750px. I'm using the productsInRow plugin and the products is the same width as with the main_table at 750px.

How do I make the products wider?

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