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2005-05-28 16:28


Maybe someone of you can help me.
I’ve installed the QuickCart on a server, on which PHP runs in SafeMode and doesn’t enables the chmod() function. (When I installed on another server everything was OK)
When I want to add a picture to a product, the server returns with the following error:

Warning: chmod() has been disabled for security reasons in /var/www/www.civisfila.hu/QuickCart/libraries/FileJobs.php on line 188

Warning: Unable to open 'files/products/Yogi the Easter Bear' for reading: No such file or directory in /var/www/www.civisfila.hu/QuickCart/libraries/FotoJobs.php on line 255

Warning: Unable to access files/products/Yogi the Easter Bear_m.jpg_backup.jpg in /var/www/www.civisfila.hu/QuickCart/libraries/FotoJobs.php on line 256

Warning: getimagesize: Unable to open 'files/products/Yogi the Easter Bear_m.jpg_backup.jpg' for reading. in /var/www/www.civisfila.hu/QuickCart/libraries/FotoJobs on line 256

Do you have any working idea, to solve my problem?
(other than to move to another server….)




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2005-05-30 16:35

Not very handy when you cannot go to a chmod of a file....
One solution might be running a dual boot on your machine with a linux version next to windows.... chmod and uplkoad the files on the linux os ;-)
Fedoracore 3 if you might want ot have a try!

Maybe much betteris skip this host and move to a good one!
Safemode as i am told does not really means complete Safety anyway... and well chmod is essential whatever you do on a hostingaccount when it gets more than putting some html on it.


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2005-06-07 16:58

Thanks Nathan!

I'll move to another host.


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