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2005-05-28 01:16

Is there any general shortcut to take concerning PHP. I dont know anything about serverside programming. I would like to edit (just change the words) some of the categories in HTML. Can you give me a dummies advice on what files to study?

I downloaded PHP editor but I am still confused on what files to start surgery on.




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2005-05-30 14:56

There is no need to edit php files.
First of all take a look at the language file in directory lang.
Just open with your favorite text editor, preferable not WORD ;-)
better use Textpad, Notepad like editors.

Then if you want ot change anything in QC have a look at the .tpl files.... that is where it all happen. you can open them in html editors like Dreamweaver or again a texteditor.

Last but not least, login as admin on your QC and see what you can change from that great administration section!

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