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Avatar: CHB

2013-04-03 19:09

Just deleted a QuickCart 5.0 and installed 6.0

However, customer email is not beeing sent. And neither is Admin order email.

Had the same thing when installing 5.0 last year:,7782.html

only change is 5.x to 6.0......... server, etc are the same.

Looking at the old support I received last year....but I dont think it is valid for 6.0?

Grateful for suggestions.

» Quick.Cart v6.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2013-04-04 21:48

You are using Quick.Cart.Add v6.0 or Quick.Cart v6.0?
If Quick.Cart.Add v6.0 then you have preinstalled in this script plugin: linkToOrder. Edit core/orders.php and find function: sendEmailWithOrderDetails() and delete that:


This might cause some problems because some emails add mails to spam when that email have LINK in content.


Avatar: CHB

2013-04-08 16:13

it´s Quick.Cart v6.0

The function you mention starts with:

sendEmailWithOrderDetails( $iOrder, $bSendToCustomer = null )

But the string: $lang['Check_order_status_url'] is not to be found.

Howver in Admin/Tools/Settings/Advanced there is a choice to set yes and no for "Send customer order details on email".

The text for "Order_customer_email_foot & _head" is plain. No links, only an email adress.



Avatar: cgan

2013-04-16 10:38

I had problem with the function treewod mentioned above. The dashed line was included in the check orders url. When I modified the line to this the problem is gone:

<? $lang['Check_order_status_url']."\n".$sOrderUrlEmail.' '"\n-------------------\n"  ?>

It means I added a space ' ' after $sOrderUrlEmail.



Avatar: CHB

2013-04-17 19:19

thing is...
this string:
<? $lang['Check_order_status_url']."\n".$sOrderUrlEmail.' '. "\n-------------------\n" ?>

does not exist.



Avatar: CHB

2013-04-20 18:45

Evertyhing else being the same, today we installed QC Version 5, more precisely we installed a working copy of this form another website.
Admin and customer emails work perfectly.

We again tried to install 6.0 & 6.1 ...but email are not being sent.

Are we missing something here? Otherwise, why would a copy of V5 from another website work, but not 6?



Avatar: CHB

2013-05-07 18:05

Never able to make it work. Installed smtpMail plugin and now it does work.
Thanks anyway...



Avatar: maplewang

2017-04-20 04:51

I am looking for smtpMail plugin, where is it? I am using freeversion qucik cart 6.7. thanks.

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