smtpmail do not run on freeware quickcart 6.0


Avatar: 1webdomain

2013-04-02 08:00

smtpmail version 0.2 do not send orders to on freeware quickcart 6.0 with
can you tell me an example of configuration that work ?

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treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2013-04-04 21:50 is hard to configure with smtpMail plugin. Try to use other address to send emails.


Avatar: alidj24

2013-04-05 17:39

I had the exact problem.

I've manage to resolve it like this:

core/common.php find:

$mError $oMail->send$sTargetEmail, Array( 'Subject' => '=?UTF-8?B?'.base64_encode$sTopic ).'?=''From' => $sTargetEmail'To' => $sTargetEmail'Reply-to' => $sSender'Content-Type' => 'text/plain; charset=UTF-8''MIME-Version' => '1.0' ), $sMailContent ); 
PEAR::isError$mError ) ){ 
        if( isset( 
$bDisplay ) )
'<div class="message" id="error"><h3>'.$lang['Mail_send_error'].'</h3></div>';

and replace:

'From' => $sTargetEmail

with ['From' => $sSender
also the same thing for

'To' => $sTargetEmail[/php], to replace with [php]'To' => $sSender[/php]

After this everything work

s fine.

Best regard,

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