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2005-05-26 19:14


I'm creating a new skin with different colours for my shop and I'm facing a problema. Right over the categories and protuct itens appears a white bar that I can't edit in the Style file. You can see that in the url: http://www.vl-design.com/teste/br

Even if I change the colour of the main table, that is in white, the white bar just stays.

Another thing... If I change the colour of the main table to a darker one, in the printing pages appears a dark background with dark letter. I can't see the content. Why not use always a white background for print despite the colour of the main table?



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2005-05-27 08:40

Change the definition of the class 'right' where you have border top set to 3px solid white!

.right { background-color: #A8C9DF; width: 580px; padding: 10px; border-top: 0px; vertical-align: top; }

Tip of the day: Use Firefox, with the 'Edit Css' and 'Web Developer' extensions!


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2005-05-27 08:42

to solve the first problem have a look at the Margins that are set in the css file classes... cannot tell right away which one..sorry..
think you have to check categories_show.tp and classes that are used in there but i am not sure.

Second thing: check the tpl's with print in it and change the class that sets this background.... hope it works!

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