NO bugfix telephone problem in 3.0


Avatar: Mike

2005-05-23 11:24

Hi folks,

I had the same problem with the telephone checking like a lot others on here, i noticed.

I tried all the steps on the forum that should be the solution, but none of them actually worked.

Besides that, it's a bad thing that you manually have to edit scripts to make the shop work correctly.

So I really hoped the builders had fixed this annoying and serious bug in version 3.0. I waited months for this new version.

But unfortenately the shop is still useless for lots of people. And that's a pitty for this wonderfull shop.

So i must say it: CORRECT THIS BUG this endless topic can be solved forever and lots of people can enjoy your great shop!

Mike - netherlands


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2005-05-24 20:14

Yes just installed 0.3.0 myself and that telephone number checking is causing a lot of problems... Mike's suggestion would be very welcome -> remove that checking completely (or make it optional)!

There is no one correct way to enter telephone numbers all over the world, so it is quite impossible to do all-around checking routine that works flawlessly.. better to have no checking at all..

Else... veeery nice shop!!

- Hans


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2005-05-25 07:39

In this string you will find some answers:

I used them and in my shop the format checking of the number is removed and it is not required to fillout the number anymore. Also the screen is not jumping to empty anymore.

Works fine for me.


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2005-05-25 08:36

also ....

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